The Car Insurance Blog was one of the first websites to share the images of a family who got “whitewashed” with paint after an accident in KZN. The story “Photos reveal funny truth about dangers of driving with paint in your car!!” has been shared with friends and the Arrive Alive website received several emails from regular visitors wishing to share these photos!

These photos were even shared online in the UK on the website of the Daily Mail in a story titled “Overcome with emulsion: Family covered in white paint after crashing car carrying 25 litres of paint”

We were able to chat to Jana Hollister, wife of the driver Allan Hollister and would like to share her comments:

“It is absolutely crazy how this mail has gotten around , I know my hubby is famous for singing Elvis (YOU TUBE – Allan Hollister singing an ELVIS classic) but as you say there has been more hits on this than on his you tube song  !!!

Yesterday , Darren Scott was even disussing it on East Coast Radio …. LOL ….

the only thing I  did was  to post the pictures onto my FB page for our friends to see ……now two weeks later it is going around the country …. HECTIC  !!!

have an awesome day “

To ensure that Allan gets some more positive exposure and that he will not only be remembered at the “Paint Man”, here is the YouTube video:

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