Cycling accident

On the car insurance blog we have given attention to the topic of cycling safety – and perhaps more specific – have urged motorists to pay attention to cyclists on the road. Earlier today Bloemfontein was the venue for the well organized and successful cycling event – the MTN OFM Classic . This event allows keen cyclists the opportunity to enjoy their sport in a well controlled and organized environment.

Unfortunately the risks threatening cyclists were also clearly illustrated earlier today when the Arrive Alive website received this emergency update from the paramedics:

“A female cyclist is in a critical condition after being run down by a taxi along Modderfontein road in the Edenvale area this morning at around 08 25. It is purported that the rider was in the yellow lane while training for the 94.7 race when she was hit from behind by a taxi.”

It is the responsibility of every road user to respect his/ her fellow road user and do everything possible to share the roads in harmony. On Thursday morning I had a discussion about cycling safety with Nick Estifaniou, Marketing Manager at OFM. It was his vision that OFM devotes airtime on Friday morning not only to the MTN OFM Classic , but also to offer safety suggestions. We decided to add a page of cycling safety content specifically aimed at our South African cyclists on the Arrive Alive website. We would like all our cyclists to benefit from this information and to take all the possible steps that could enhance their safety while training!

It is important to recognize that our roads are not cycling friendly. There are no “cycling only” roads for training – and the roads are shared with many less responsible road users. We would like to urge all our motorists to be alert to cyclists – not to avoid car insurance claims – but to prevent injury and loss of life!!

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