Are-you-paying-expensive-car-insurance-cover-while-not-driving-your-car-this-DecemberDecember holidays away have become a tradition for many South Africans. All you need to do is to take a drive along the cost or the major routes to your coastal towns and cities and you will find this has not changed…

At all the rest stops we find cars fully laden with people and their holiday equipment. Many of these are towing trailers or caravans. Those who are fortunate enough spend times in relaxation either at holiday homes or caravan resorts and often do so for up to 3 weeks and longer…

This begs the question – do they perhaps have another car safely parked away in the garage and not to be seen nor driven until the New Year? Do their insurance policy and premium reflect that the car is driven much less and do they benefit from this?

There are many reasons why some vehicles are driven much more and others much less. It is important in your financial planning to ensure that your insurer is made aware of this and that it is recognized in the insurance premium payable!

It is also important to recognize that insurance premiums should be individualized to reflect YOUR driving behaviour. With modern insurance telematics technology your insurance can take into account how far you drive, at what times you drive and where you drive. It can even measure how you drive!

Perhaps it is the right to scrutinize your car insurance. You may be able to find that you can award yourself with a nice end –of year present – Cheaper Car Insurance for 2012!!

Have a Safe and Enjoyable Festive Season Travel!! Here are the Arrive Alive Road Safety Tips

We would like to invite all insured vehicle owners to read more about insurance telematics and how they can benefit from accurate measurement of driving behaviour.

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