Are-you-ready-to-share-the-road-with-foreigners-during-the-World-CupWe have referred to the importance of having your car insurance sorted before the Football World Cup. We have addressed the dangers of lending your vehicle to foreigners – and have also alerted vehicle owners to some additional road risks.

These were discussed in these blog posts:

Some alarming facts have come to light in a story in The Independent on how much some of these visitors might know about the Rules of the Road!

Insurer AXA is warning British motorists driving overseas to swot up on local road rules or face fines, arrests or accidents. A third of motorists admitted that they don’t know whether a GB sticker is a legal requirement.

Some of the interesting survey results include:

  • Nearly half, 49 per cent, were unsure whether their car insurance covered them for driving abroad, with 23 per cent making the potentially disastrous assumption that it does.
  • Bizarrely, 40 per cent of motorists think that it is legal to jump a red light in Italy, while 37 per cent think its right to overtake on both sides on Portuguese motorways.
  • Meanwhile, just over one in five, 22 per cent, wrongly stated there was no need to carry a reflective jacket and red triangle in your car in France, while 48 per cent incorrectly believe that you must carry a petrol can in Spain.

Craig Staniland, AXA Insurance director, said: “While some of the misconceptions we have about driving abroad are amusing, there are some serious misunderstandings that could lead to breaking the law or a serious accident.”

We would like to urge all our foreign visitors to study the Rules of the Road before driving in South Africa.

They might do well to view the following:

South African drivers will have to be alert and recognize that many foreign road users are aware of the unique driving conditions in South Africa. We would like to urge all to be patients and courteous to one another!

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