Ferrari GTC4Lusso debuts at the Geneva Show

Maranello, 8 February 2016 – Ferrari announces the addition to its range of the Ferrari GTC4Lusso, the new four-seater which hails a major evolution of the sporting Grand Tourer concept by integrating rear-wheel steering with four-wheel drive for the first time. This is a car designed for clients wanting to experience the pleasure of driving a…

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Your car needs a service – you don’t need to be fooled

Servicing your vehicle, especially a vehicle which is out of its warranty period, can be a daunting experience. While there are many reliable, and reputable, operators on the market, there are those who take advantage of a lack of knowledge of modern vehicles, in order to fleece consumers. One indication of how bad this problem…

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Unlock cash for business growth by reducing fleet costs

Reducing running costs, and using the cash that then becomes available for business growth is a constant struggle for most small and medium enterprises (SME). When it comes to reducing fleet costs, however, many business owners come face to face with a contradiction of sorts. This is because major methods of reducing the cost of…

Vehicle sales and buying a new vehicle

Comments on the NAAMSA January vehicle sales report

“New car sales continued on a downward trend declining by 6.9% year on year. This was slightly offset by the car rental industry making a strong 24.6% contribution. Current pressure on the new passenger vehicles will continue in the short to medium term”.   General Comments on January 2016 NAAMSA sales: The month of January…


Wesbank expects rate hike to have significant impact on budgets of consumers

29 January 2016 – WesBank has noted the Reserve Bank’s decision to hike the interest by 50 basis points, bringing the effective repo rate to 6.75%. The prime lending rate will now change to 10.25%. The rate hike will affect buyers who have vehicle finance agreements structured around a linked interest rate. Interest on these…

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Exchange rate woes masked by weak oil price

Only oil’s ongoing lower price is protecting South African motorists against the rampant Rand / US dollar exchange rate. This is according to the Automobile Association (AA) which was commenting on unaudited month-end data released by the Central Energy Fund (CEF). “The average exchange rate used in the fuel price calculation has breezed past R16.40…