Daimler Financial Services is amongst the world’s best employers

Daimler Financial Services, the Daimler division to which Mercedes-Benz Financial Services South Africa belongs, has been ranked as one of the world’s best 25 employers. This is the outcome of an anonymous survey among its 10,000 employees and a ranking of its HR- and Leadership programmes by the independent Great Place to Work Institute. More…


Do not park in such manner as to obstruct any private or public vehicular entrance to such road.

Question: Just want to know are you allowed to park in front of someone’s driveway if your driveway is opposite you neighbours driveway. Thanks Answer: Parking of vehicles Reg 305.    (1)        No person shall park a vehicle on a public road— (a)        in contravention of any road traffic sign; (b)        in any place referred to…


Dakar testing continues as Toyota Gazoo Racing SA takes on the Atlas Copco 450

The final round of the 2016 Donaldson Cross-Country Championship takes place near the mining town of Glenharvie this weekend, and Toyota Gazoo Racing SA will again be fielding three vehicles. The team has already wrapped up the championship, thanks to a stellar performance by Leeroy Poulter and navigator Rob Howie, who placed their Toyota Hilux…


Car rental companies announce Volkswagen as the 2016 manufacturer of the year

Volkswagen recognised for the seventh consecutive year as the best manufacturer Audi honoured with Tutuka award for the second year in a row The South African Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (SAVRALA) has announced Volkswagen as the Manufacturer of The Year (MOTY) in the car rental sector for the seventh consecutive year. The revered SAVRALA’s…


Is it legal to put up a fixed or mobile speeding camera in the vicinity of another fixed camera?

Question: I want to know if it is legal to put up a fixed or mobile speeding camera in the vicinity of another fixed camera? Answer: Yes, there is no provision prohibiting that. If the camera is for prosecutions where the offender is not stopped immediately  permission is required from the Director of Public Prosecutions.…


2016 Readers’ Choice Awards recognize excellence by Tiger Wheel &Tyre in Pretoria

The results of Caxton Newspapers’ annual “Best Of… Competition” are in and the 2016 Readers’ Choice Award for Pretoria, in the “The Best Place to Buy Tyres” category, has been awarded to Tiger Wheel & Tyre for the fourth consecutive year. “The competition was launched in Johannesburg in 1996, and four years ago in Pretoria,…


Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Boasts United States EPA Driving Range of 589 Kilometres

he Honda Clarity Fuel Cell, has received the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) driving range rating of 589km (366 miles) and fuel economy rating of 109km/l (68 miles per gallon) of gasoline-equivalent combined[1], giving it the best range rating of any electric vehicle without a combustion engine, including fuel cell and all-electric vehicles, in…


End of the Road for Red Lights? Ford Trials Tech to Help Drivers ‘Ride the Green Wave’

magine if you could take the kids to school, commute to work or drive across town to do some shopping without ever hitting a single red traffic light. Technology is currently being trialled with Ford cars to make “riding the green wave” a day-to-day reality. Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory uses information on traffic light…


Is permission required to control /speed control traffic over weekends in a road construction area?

Question: Does the traffic control officer of the municipality or provincial department need writing permission, from the road construction company, to control /speed control traffic, over weekends, in a road construction area. If so, could you please supply reference to the regulation or requirements. The reason for the question is , I am an ISO…