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“Current strain on car sales not likely to change materially in the short to medium term” says Standard Bank

“Overall new vehicle sales continue to show strain with a 9.1% year on year decline. New passenger vehicles sales also continue on a downward trend with a 13.1% year on year decline, mostly driven by pressure on consumer affordability and above inflation car prices. Current strain on car sales not likely to change materially in…


Multi-billion pound UK motor insurance industry faces radical restructuring due to autonomous cars

The multi-billion pound UK motor insurance industry faces a period of radical restructuring as a result of the advent of autonomous cars – with the number of crashes said to drop by 80 per cent by 20351 and insurance premiums set to plummet – a high level panel discussion organized by Volvo Cars and Thatcham…

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Advice for increased safety with motorbikes / motorcycles

We have often shared information on motorcycle safety on this platform and would like to add to this by some important information received from Hussey Fraser Solicitors in Dublin. They designed an infographic entitled ‘’Motorcycle Safety Guide – What You Need To Know’’. This offers important information and advice that could also assist our bikers /…


Versatile Hyundai H100 Tipper makes light work of a heavy load

The H100 Bakkie is one of the most popular vehicles in Hyundai Automotive South Africa’s local range, and the Tipper version of this workhorse has made the work of many a small or medium enterprise business operator easier. Previously the Hyundai H100 Tipper was available in restricted numbers, due to the outsourcing of its conversion,…

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May fuel price outlook: Gains in exchange rate outmuscled by oil strength – AA

Steady appreciation in international petroleum prices during April has brushed aside gains in the Rand / US dollar exchange rate, setting the stage for more fuel price hikes in May. This is the word from the Automobile Association (AA), which was commenting on unaudited month-end fuel price data released by the Central Energy Fund (CEF).…

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Is it fair to have car insurance claim rejected on a “balance of probability” of a few drinks?

Is insurance claim repudiation the answer to “drunk” driving? It has become common for insurance companies to include clauses in their policies where it is held that if a person drives under the influence of alcohol or drugs having a narcotic effect, their claim will be repudiated in the event of a claim. When I…


TransUnion VPI Q1 2016 – Economic pressures push up car prices and squeeze sales in South Africa

TransUnion has reported in the Q1 2016 Vehicle Pricing Index (VPI) that economic pressures are pushing up car prices and squeezing sales in South Africa. Tough economic conditions have contributed to higher vehicle prices and lower sales volumes, as consumers increasingly look to more affordable cars or hold onto their vehicles for longer periods. This…