u-Turn truck intersection

On the Arrive Alive Road Safety website we have shared information on the dangers of making a U-Turn as well as info on safe driving at intersections / junctions.

A road user emailed the above clip from his PapaGo dashboard camera of a truck performing an illegal U-turn at an Intersection. It is clear to see why this presents several dangers to the distracted driver approaching the intersection!

Why is the U-Turn such a dangerous manoeuvre? 

The consequences of an accident caused by U-turns are often fatal. It is an unexpected manoeuvre and usually does not allow time for the faster moving vehicle to change course and avoid an accident.

The U-turn requires a street wide enough for the driver to complete the manoeuvre. The U-turn is especially risky because the driver needs to cross lanes of traffic to complete the manoeuvre. Run-under crashes, where a vehicle runs under a truck turning across a road, are some of the most devastating crashes. Where trucks do not have the prescribed reflective materials and tape required for greater visibility, this threat is increased.

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