There is nothing wrong with having your traffic fine reduced.  Yesterday I too was pleasantly surprised when i went to pay a rather expensive traffic fine for a friend who is at present outside the country. I managed to pay far less than the original amount by just being nice, non-confrontational and honest.

I do however fear that there are many out there who use contacts and informal arrangements that could amount to corruption.

On Insurance Chat we received the following comment on one of the blog posts:

“Allow me to reduce your traffic fine.
I will reduce your fine to half guaranteed. No personal information needed.
At no cost to you.
I simply make a profit if I have it reduced to more than half.
I take the difference.

It is all above board and legal. Individuals and companies more than welcome.

Email me or contact me on …
Been providing the service for years.

Save money.”

Even though I am happy to see that the person leaving the comment makes reference to the fact that it is all above board and legal, i decided to raise this with Justice Project South Africa who is well known for assistance to those who have incurred traffic fines:


Yes I do have a few comments on this sort of thing:

1. “Ticket touts” have become a prolific business in South Africa.
2. They use the ability of prosecutors to apply leniency to the amount payable with respect to monetary penalties payable on fines issued under the Criminal Procedure Act.
3. Prosecutors often slash the amount payable by 50%.
4. Where claims like the one referred to are made, there is a strong possibility that the person offering this “great deal” has an arrangement with one or more prosecutors to withdraw the fine completely and then the parties thereto share in the 50% they get from whomever uses their services.
5. This is a corrupt practice at best.
6. There are also some people who are doing the same with AARTO infringement notices that have exceeded the 32 day discount period and this too is a corrupt practice.
7. AARTO was specifically designed to stop this kind of practice, but has failed to do so, due to corrupt officials within the traffic authority’s employ.
8. The only way that this will be stopped is if AARTO is applied properly and all infringement notices are registered on eNaTIS and payable to the RTIA.
9. This has not been properly instituted, even now – 4 years after AARTO was proclaimed!
10. There are some straight traffic fines assistance companies that do things the correct way and they don’t promise massive reductions – but they are in the vast minority!

Best Regards,

Howard Dembovsky
National Chairman – Justice Project South Africa (NPC)

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