The Department of Transport should be commended for the efforts to improve public transport in South Africa. Even though many might regard recent developments as small steps, they are indeed much needed and they might prove to have a giant impact on road safety, the environment, economic development and financial stability.

The efforts to improve public transport is not only in line with the objectives as detailed in the Decade of Action for Road Safety, but is also aimed at reducing traffic congestion on our roads and the emission of CO2 gases.

More and more South Africans are using bus and train transport. Earlier today there were very positive signs for the Gautrain project as thousands of commuters travelled the new route between Johannesburg and Hatfield. Last year I took the Bus Rapid Transit System [BRT] from central Johannesburg to Soccer City and must admit to being highly impressed.


MyCiti Bus Service in Cape Town

Two weeks ago I was equally impressed at seeing the MyCiti bus service in Cape Town and have been told that friends in Blouberg Beach have used this service to their satisfaction as well! Similar services are also rolled out in other provinces with feeder buses providing transport from the main bus stops.

A lesser obvious benefit, but a very important one in this challenging financial environment, is the benefit for these commuters in saving not only time and effort, but in other transportation costs as well!

Commuters need to monitor the distance travelled in their vehicles – and if such distance is significantly reduced through the use of public transport, they need to consider a Pay As You Drive car insurance option. Users of public transport can save on fuel and vehicle maintenance costs BUT ALSO on car insurance where the car insurance policy is structured around the distance that they travel!

Vehicle owners need to monitor their car insurance premiums and compare the premiums payable with the premiums they will be paying when the average distance travelled is reduced. Distance travelled is one of the most important parameters used in the calculation of Car Insurance Premiums!

Comparing insurance quotes remains the best way to finding cheaper car insurance premiums. We would like to advise that this be done yearly – and especially when there are significant changes in the driving behaviour of our insured vehicle owners!

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