Dangers of worn shock absorbersYes – they can! Before you go on the road it is important to focus on those vehicle factors that will keep you safe on the road. Not only do we have to be alert to tyre safety – but also to those components between the tyres and your vehicle – the shock absorbers… This will assist in avoiding accidents and unnecessary car insurance claims!

When last have you checked your shock absorbers? We have asked Monroe Shock absorbers to assist with info for our vehicle owners on the importance of shock absorbers for safety on the road.

The ‘top ten’ dangers of worn shock absorbers:

  • Reduced braking efficiency resulting in longer stopping distances
  • Reduced efficiency of Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS) and Electronic Stability Control (ESP)
  • Increased risk of skidding in the wet
  • Less control when cornering or caught in a cross wind
  • Increased driver tiredness and reduced speed or response
  • Increased wear of tyres and other suspension components
  • Uneven/oscillating headlight level causing dazzle to on-coming drivers
  • Increased passenger discomfort
  • Increased risk of ‘snaking’ when towing

Not sure of how your shocks shape up?
Remember: Your shocks are NOT necessarily checked at a standard service. You must request this.

  1. If a shock has done between 75 000km and a 100 000km or more, there is a good chance that it will not be working efficiently any more
  2. Shocks should be checked every 20 000km
  3. Shocks should be replaced in pairs

How to test for worn shocks

  1. If the bonnet of your car dips when you brake, or your vehicle veers to one side when you apply the brakes, you may have a shock absorber problem.
  2. Vibration on the steering wheel could indicate worn shock absorbers.
  3. If your car rocks over bumps, the shock absorbers need checking.
  4. If your tyres are wearing unevenly, you should have the shock absorbers checked.

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