When do you need your vehicle insurer? Is it only after a vehicle accident and when you are safely back at home – or would you also like assistance when it matters most – immediately after you have been in an accident or even when facing a threat on the road?

Car Insurance customers should benefit from Roadside and Home Assistance provided by their insurer. Insurers normally outsource this function to companies which have highly equipped call centre where skilled case managers take care of all their emergency roadside and home assistance needs.

Car Insurance customers should rest assured of a well-organised and quick reaction, to manage all aspects of a car accident.

How should it work?

When an accident is reported, the Accident Manager arranges a conference call with medical and legal experts to ensure the policyholders’ interests are protected at all times. Accommodation and transport requirements are arranged where the need arises.

This benefit will not only provide peace of mind in the event of a vehicle road crash, but also in the event of mechanical failure or other emergency. There is much that can go wrong when a car comes to a sudden halt in a well known criminal hub. A car stall resulting from a flat battery, flat tyre or shortage of fuel should no longer be a setback for policyholders.

While swift roadside assistance is arranged, a dedicated case manager keeps tabs with the policyholder at regular intervals for their security and peace of mind.

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4 thoughts on “Can your insurer assist at the accident scene?

  1. Erold

    I have insured my vehicle for R93000 in 2008 it is a hear and a half. My Father was in an accident with my car and the car was write off the insurance said they will on pay R77000 is these fair and the premuim i was paying was based on R93000. Could you please provide me with and answer or advice.


  2. admin

    Hi Erold,

    the amount that your insurer will pay out depends on a couple of factors keeping in mind that your car would have depreciated in the year and a half that you have had it.

    Firstly was your car insured for retail or market value?

    The retail value is the higher value and is the average price a dealer would sell the vehicle for taking its age, condition and mileage into account. If your vehicle is covered for its retail value, and it is either written-off, stolen or hijacked without being recovered, the settlement amount will be based on its retail value less the applicable excess. This will enable you to replace the vehicle with a similar model. The market value is a lower than the retail value.

    You are probably asking why your premiums do not decrease when your car depreciates?
    Unless you have chosen otherwise, your car is not only covered for the theft but also for the repair in the event of an accident. In your case you have it insured for accident. The labour cost of repairing your vehicle and parts used increase every year with the unfortunate consequence of your premium increasing in line with these costs.

    Hope this helps.

  3. lizelle

    can my insurance tell me where to fix my car

  4. admin

    Your car insurance company should give you an option of having your car repaired at a repairer of your choice. If they do give you a choice they will require that you absolve them of any bad workmanship etc

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