Car-insurance-and-Making-that-Emergency-CallOn the Car Insurance Blog we not only provide advice on finding affordable and the correct car insurance, but also assist our vehicle owners with information about safety on the road. This also includes advice on how to protect yourself in the event of the unfortunate road accident.

Once an accident has occurred it is often a race against time to protect the lives of the accident victims. This first hour or “golden hour” after an accident is most important – and we would like to advise vehicle owners on sharing the correct information in their emergency calls!

What do we need to know about making that emergency call?

There is always the question of why call takers in the emergency service industry ask so many questions; and when do they actually dispatch emergency resources to the scene of an accident or other emergency.

When you are faced with a medical emergency and require realhelprealfast you can phone 084 124 on 084 124 for fast and efficient emergency response.

When you place a call through to the ER24 24/7 Contact Centre, an automated voice response will greet you and identify the line as ER24 Emergency Services, this takes about five seconds.

The first available emergency call taker will then answer your call and request certain details of the incident in order to dispatch the correct resources to the scene.

The following information is essential for fast and effective emergency resource management:

* Identify yourself and provide a call back number
* Clearly state the nature of the emergency and how many people were involved.
* Provide an address of the incident:
* What is the name of the road where this incident took place?
* What is the building name or number where this incident took place?
* What is the closest cross road?
* What is the suburb?
* What is the province?

Callers should keep in mind that we are a national Contact Centre and therefore require the province and suburb names in order to clearly map the incident.
ER24’s Immediate Dispatch system is able to dispatch vehicles to the incident whilst the call taker is still on the line. Thus the call taker can keep on talking to the caller to reassure, calm or provide medical advice whilst an ambulance is already en route to the incident.

[Information provided by ER24]

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