The 27th of July 2010 was the one year anniversary of the Car Insurance Blog at Even though the Arrive Alive road safety website has been online for 7 years, and we have included a section on car insurance and road safety, it is only a year since much more attention has been given to providing blog posts about car insurance.

The development of the Arrive Alive website has been made possible with the assistance of a variety of corporate sponsors, including the car insurance industry, and this has enabled us to share important two-way communication with visitors.

It became evident that there is great uncertainty pertaining to aspects of car insurance, on what to do not only to protect against vehicle accidents claims, but also how to find the correct insurance and what to do when an insurance claim is rejected.

On a personal level it was the opportune time to use my experience having read law for 5 years, lecturing in law for 5 years and working in the financial services field for 8 years – to provide advice that could benefit many of our vehicle owners.

The information on the Arrive Alive website can be found on these pages:

These suggestions and advice were supported during the past year with regular blog posts on car insurance. It is perhaps time to reflect on some of the interesting insights we were able to gather about the car insurance blog through the tools provided by Google Analytics.

Car Insurance Blog and Google Analytics search results

27 July 2009 – 27 July 2010

– 28,797 Visits
– 56,115 Page views
– 231 Referring sources
– 13,716 Keywords used in search engines
– Visits came from 140 countries

We are pleased to find that many visitors have been able to find the important advice they required and were searching for. We will continue to be guided by visitors and their quest for information.

Many other car insurance sites have been able to benefit from the information, often referring to the car insurance blog as source – whilst other have unfortunately plagiarised many of these posts.

This will not deter us from the ultimate objective – to provide independent and credible information, advice and suggestions about car insurance to vehicle owners.

If we are able to assist more vehicle owners to find affordable car insurance and protect themselves from vehicle accident claims through safer driving behaviour – all these efforts would be worth every minute spent on writing these blog posts!!

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