The 6th of December saw the launch of the Arrive Alive Festive season road safety campaign. This is a time that we re-think our behaviour on the roads and focus on what is needed to survive a busy time on our roads. We have made available on the Arrive Alive website a list of road safety suggestions. We would however also like to provide a checklist at this important time with regards to car insurance.

Do you have car insurance?

We should start this checklist with the very important question on whether the vehicle owner does in fact have car insurance. Information from the car insurance industry reveals that only approximately 30% of vehicles on our roads are insured! Can you afford not to have car insurance this festive season? The festive season is well-known for heavily congested roads and it would be best to have your vehicle insured. In these tough financial times it is simply reckless to have an uninsured vehicle in such close proximity to other vehicles and drunk drivers!

It is the perfect time to consider finding cheap and affordable car insurance and put your mind at ease this festive season. The little time spent to go online and compare car insurance quotes will be the best present you can by for yourself and your dependents!

Which aspects could nullify my car insurance?

There is no point in having car insurance if our own conduct contravenes the terms and conditions of the policy. We need to avoid on vacation those actions that might result in the rejection of an accident claim. As part of the checklist we would like to advise that the insured vehicle owner avoid the following:

  • Allowing a unlicensed person to drive the insured vehicle.
  • Driving the vehicle whilst intoxicated.
  • Driving a non-roadworthy vehicle -one with worn out tyres.

Are you prepared in the case of an emergency?

Vehicle owners often neglect to be prepared for emergencies when going on vacation – and this also applies to awareness of our car insurance policies. We would like to advise that you consider the following questions:

  • Do I know where to find your car insurance policy in the event of an accident?

We often find that the car insurance policy is hidden away at home or at the office under a pile of paperwork. When on vacation you might like to have at hand more details about your policy should you be involved in an accident.

  • Does the policy have specific stipulations with regards to vehicle recovery?

Take note before going on holiday whether your insurance covers vehicle recovery in the event of an accident. Not only might your car insurance policy have such a stipulation, but also your medical fund or road side assistance products might provide you with vehicle recovery benefits. Make a small note about such benefits and the contact details.

  • Does my policy provide for a replacement vehicle in the event of an accident?

It could be most important when away on holiday to know whether you have access to a vehicle when your vehicle is in for repair. Instead of running around for answers after the accident it would be worth the effort to ascertain the facts before going on holiday!

  • Who do I call if my vehicle has been in a crash?

It is often a mad rush and near nervous breakdown when suddenly having to run around to sort out vehicle repairs in unfamiliar territory. If you are insured with a direct insurer, ascertain beforehand what the procedure is after an accident and which numbers you need to call. If you have a specific car insurance broker – will that person be available or will his /her office close between Christmas and New Years? Ask the broker before going on holiday how he will be reached and whether there is an “emergency plan or number”?

This Car Insurance Blog strives to assist our vehicle owners in gaining awareness not only of important information for their car insurance needs, but also to protect them and their vehicles from harm on the roads. We would like to urge our readers to view on the Arrive Alive road safety website:

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