We would like to wish all our vehicle owners a blessed, safe and enjoyable 2010. Having spent much time on road safety and car insurance blog in 2009, we decided to compile a wish list for 2010.

South Africa and Road Safety

  • May we succeed in a significant reduction in road deaths and crashes in South Africa!
  • May we remember those who have died in road crashes in 2009 and may this inspire us to do more for safety on our roads.
  • May we find that the law is enforced effectively, resulting in reduced crime in 2010.

The Car Insurance Industry

  • May we reach those 70% of uninsured vehicle owners and have much more insured vehicles on the roads of South Africa by the end of 2010.
  • May more vehicle owners be attentive to their car insurance policies and may their driving behaviour reflect safety and responsibility.
  • May we find less strain on affordability of premiums by crimes such as hijacking, vehicle theft, smash-and grab etc.
  • May we reduce insurance fraud in South Africa and create awareness of the effect thereof on the insurance industry.
  • May more people blow the whistle on car insurance fraud.
  • May the Ombudsman for Short Term Insurance receive fewer complaints about non-payment of car insurance claims.

Car Insurance Companies

  • May we find amongst short term insurers an increased focus on providing easily accessible and affordable car insurance.
  • May this lead to fair competition and much innovation in the car insurance industry.
  • May we find that policy contracts are clearly disclosed and the need for analysis of reading fine print be reduced.
  • May we find that all role players, i.e. insurers, agents, aggregators and brokers operate within the parameters of the car insurance laws and provide financial advice that is fair and in the best interest of the client.

Insured vehicle owners

  • May there be greater awareness of the contents of car insurance policies.
  • May all vehicle owners protect the safety of their cars by avoiding drunk driver, under-aged driving and ensuring that vehicle safety mechanisms are used at all times.
  • May vehicle owners regard proper vehicle maintenance as a priority!

We will commit in 2010 towards providing information to assist in meeting these wishes. May you and your colleagues, family and friends be blessed with greater health, safety and financial security in 2010!!


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