Crashes and arrests after police chase to recover stolen vehicle

On Wednesday 29 July 2015 a lookout was issued for a Toyota Hilux which had been stolen in Arcadia, Pretoria. SAPS units spotted the stolen Hilux which was being escorted by two black VW Polo m/v’s. The suspicious vehicles split up and sped off, pursued by police units, including a police helicopter. The one black…


Alexander Forbes Insurance will honour vehicle claims irrespective of e-toll licencing decisons

Following recent announcements regarding e-tolls and the various debates surrounding insurance cover that those South Africans with outstanding e-toll accounts will not be able to renew their vehicle licence disc, questions arise on whether or not your motor insurer will settle a claim based on the status of your vehicle licence disc. Alexander Forbes Insurance…


Can I drive a commercial truck with link trailer if only back trailer has a load and front piece (trailer) is empty?

Question: Can I drive a commercial truck with link trailer if only back trailer has a load and front piece (trailer) is empty? Answer: You may as long as the total load on the vehicle does not exceed 5 x the mass of the driving axle/s of the vehicle. Reg 239(3) requires that the drive…


Increased road safety when more cars are financed and comprehensively insured!

On the Arrive Alive road safety website we find a section of content titled “Buying a Vehicle, Vehicle Finance and Road Safety“. This was developed with the assistance of experts in vehicle finance from Standard Bank. But what is the relationship between information on vehicle finance and a road safety initiative? On the most important…


Dashboard camera captures taxi driver crossing intersection on the red light!

A friend to the Arrive Alive online road safety initiative shared a video from his dashboard capturing taxi driver recklessness at an intersection. It is often alleged in the media that some of these drivers appear to have their own set of rules of the road. In this photos the taxi driver clearly crosses the…


Chase Valley resident shot in alleged hijacking incident

During the early hours of this morning Wednesday 29 January 2014 at about 05:20, Police at Town Hill received a report of a shooting incident at a residence along Chase Valley Road in the Chase Valley area in Pietermaritzburg. On arrival Police found an injured adult male, later identified as Mr Clement Bongani Zondi (52),…