Not all bike accidents are fatal – but you still need protective clothing!!

A regular visitor to the Arrive Alive website sent an email titled “Bike Accident” and, expecting the worst, I opened the attached image only to find that this was send “tongue in cheek” and the incident captured on camera did not result in any physical injury! It is very important that we keep emphasizing the…


Photos reveal funny truth about dangers of driving with paint in your car!!


These are some pictures of Allan Hollister’s accident on St Johns Bridge on Thursday.

The ambulance driver wouldn’t let the female paramedic out of the ambulance because she couldn’t stop laughing, he said it wasn’t professional. The blue car had the 25lt bucket of paint on the back seat.

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You HAVE to comply with the Rules of the Road even though others might not!!

We would like to share a rather interesting request for information about a parking fine – and the response received from one of the Experts on Traffic Enforcement! Question: “Last night I recieved a fine on Loop st in Cape Town after parking where directed by a parking fellow in a space that someone had…


Concerned citizens urge traffic officials to curb accidents

Not all citizens are against speed entrapment! There are areas and situations where the failure to effectively enforce the speed limit – or even reduce the speed limit, can be a significant threat to innocent road users. This is especially true in residential areas and near schools! We would like to share an email received…

Details road safety tips for the Festive Season

With the matric exams completed many South Africans are starting their holiday travels. We would like to share a few road safety suggestions from the Arrive Alive website that could help vehicle owners avoid those nasty car insurance claims. 1 Obey the rules of the road and carry your driver’s license with you. 2 Plan…


Avoid unnecessary accident claims from potholes this rainy season

We can never avoid all the potholes on our path – but safe driving techniques may help us to avoid some! Poor road maintenance, and most often the lack of maintenance have left many rural roads looking like a minefield – presenting additional risks to drivers. CSIR reveals magnitude of pothole damage The Council for…


Can you be arrested for flashing lights warning other motorists of speed traps?

The charges of “defeating or obstructing the course of justice” has been discussed in several forums lately – mostly with reference to a Twitter user called @PigSpotter and tweets relating to speed enforcement and road blocks. I do not wish to discuss the @Pigspotter scenario in detail – but rather focus on one specific aspect…


What does the law say about private property traffic management

We often receive questions pertaining to traffic enforcement within large estates and gated communities. We would like to share one of thes requests for assistance: Question: “We have a large site at the CSIR and a general speed limit of 40km an hour due to fauna that we have on site (buck; dassies; rabbits etc).…


Let us not neglect the link between Aids, Driver Fitness and Car Insurance Claims

On World Aids Day it is important that we consider the impact of Aids across different spheres of society – and our health and financial well-being are most definitely some of these! Even though an ill person, fatigued person, a person with diabetes and a person with Aids are not prevented from driving – they…