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Insurance tips for the small fleet operator

Many small to medium businesses in South Africa operate small fleets of vehicles to support their operations. As company assets which are exposed to the risks of regularly driving on the roads, these vehicles need to be insured; additionally, company owners must be protected from any potential liabilities which could arise should any one of…


Which vehicles are by law exempt from Registration?

Motor vehicle exempt from registration Reg 5.        (1)        A motor vehicle— (a)        propelled by electrical power derived from electrical cabling affixed to the vehicle and that is not used on a public road; (b)        which has crawler tracks; (c)        which is not— (i)         self-propelled; (ii)        a caravan; (iii)       designed principally for the conveyance of persons…


Single contract transport operators face a challenging future

Transport operators, who are a key component of the economic fabric of rural towns are finding it increasingly difficult to operate in a challenging environment where pressure on margins, volatile fuel prices and increased operating costs are placing stress on their profitability – especially in cases where they rely on a ‘single contract’ for their…


Unitrans Automotive Group selects Ctrack as a preferred supplier for vehicle tracking

Vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions company, DigCore, supplier of Ctrack and turning 30 years old in June, has been appointed by Unitrans Automotive Group as a preferred supplier for vehicle tracking and stolen vehicle response services. Ctrack devices will now be fitted to VW and Toyota stock units upon arrival at the dealership. This…


“I will drive with caution” – A poor reason not to have your vehicle insured!

We often hear vehicle owners say that they will rather drive with caution and avoid getting into a crash than pay the monthly car insurance premium! This is a poor argument  – especially if we consider the driving behaviour of motorists on the roads of South Africa. According to the Medical research council there are…

Mountain Bike

Tour of Homewood to put George on the Mountain Biking Map

The Garden Route town of George will be transformed into a significant mountain biking destination with the introduction of the Tour of Homewood, a new three-day mountain bike stage race, to be based at Fancourt, South Africa’s premier golf resort from 4-6 September 2015. Homewood is the previous name of the colonial estate (1879–1903) on…

2A Hazardous objects

Truck drivers warned of obstructions placed on roads with criminal intent!

This past week I had the pleasure of hosting a young man, Michiel Van Duurling, from the Netherlands and invited him to drive with me from Bloemfontein to Johannesburg. Along the route I could inform him of some unique challenges in South Africa. Much of our conversation was pertaining to the threats on our roads,…