What licence is required for a person do drive a normal agricultural tractor on a public road?

Question: What minimum license is required for a person do drive a normal agricultural tractor on a public road? When I refer to public road, I mean on the plot where our business is run from, as well as the dirt road surrounding the area. The people will not be driving around on provincial roads…


Suspect arrested as stolen property, stolen vehicle and a signal blocker is recovered

Boxes of cigarettes were recovered Wednesday morning after a robbery occurred in Goodwood at 10:00. Police attached to Flying Squad followed up information about where the boxes were delivered and recovered more than 400 cartons in Albert Luthuli Street in Browns Farm. The vehicle that transported the cigarettes, was reported stolen in May 2016 in…

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Important vehicle safety checks ahead of the winter months

22 June 2016: The cold, wet and icy weather conditions during the cooler winter months in South Africa increases the likelihood of accidents occurring on public roads. As a result, motorists are urged to conduct appropriate safety checks to ensure that their vehicles are equipped to handle the change in weather and not only ensure…

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Roadside assistance services vital ahead of school holiday travel

With South African Government schools closing on the 24th of June and Private Schools breaking up on the 1st of July, many families may be planning a holiday during this mid-year break. However, while they are busy planning their route and arranging accommodation many people forget to plan for unexpected events, such as an accident,…

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Police and tracking company recover stolen company vehicle and cargo, Krugersdorp

On Friday 17 June 2016, with the support of Tracker, police recovered a BMW used in the robbery of a British American Tobacco company vehicle.

They recovered the stolen cargo (cigarettes) and arrested one suspect in Krugersdorp.

There are still suspects outstanding and investigations continue.