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Ctrack sees more than two-thirds increase in hijackings and vehicle theft as holiday season begins

Since the beginning of December, Ctrack’s response team has been on high alert as a significant increase in hijackings and car thefts has taken place. Compared to the first week in December of last year, Ctrack has seen a 61% increase in these incidents. Fuel tankers remain a key target for hijackers and thieves because…

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Tiger Wheel & Tyre encourage motorists to take tyre safety precautions for the inevitable return trip

It’s an interesting fact that when it comes to holiday road trips, nearly all the emphasis goes into the planning and arrival stages. Comparatively little thought goes into the return trip. Tiger Wheel & Tyre is encouraging motorists to face reality and take the necessary tyre safety precautions for the inevitable return trip. “Returning home,…


Tow safely this holiday pleads Automobile Association

It’s holiday time again and thousands of excited families will be travelling across the length and breadth of South Africa to enjoy the break. Many of those going on holiday will be taking with them a caravan, trailer or boat while they travel. “Towing another vehicle requires extra attention from the driver. Apart from ensuring…

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Crime Over the Christmas Period – Do Not be a Victim warns SA Insurance Crime Bureau

As we approach the end of the year, it is once again necessary to be more diligent and aware than normal when it comes to crime, warns the South African Insurance Crime Bureau (SAICB). “People are either more relaxed at this time of the year and are not as diligent, or they are simply in…


Overtaking another vehicle requires some serious thought – we explain why!!

Unsafe overtaking is one of the major causes of deadly head-on crashes. It is not merely a question of whether the road markings entitle you to overtake legally – but much much more. We would like to explain this by sharing a insightful discussion with a prominent road crash investigator: Question: Good day Sir/Ma’am, I…


Aon Launches New Fleet Risk Management Solution

The increasing number of vehicle accidents on South Africa’s roads, particularly those involving trucks, raises many questions about the standard of driver training, the safety of all road users and the soaring costs to repair the damage and lost productivity as a result. Managing soaring fleet costs, protecting company reputation and reducing the potential for…

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Goodyear Wranglers keep anti-poaching vehicles on track

Goodyear Wranglers are the tyre of choice for rangers on the Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative team. This is the fourth year that the tyre manufacturer is sponsoring the rugged, all terrain 4×4 tyres to help give the anti-poaching teams an advantage when patrolling the country’s nature reserves. “The rangers made a specific request to…

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Research conducted by the LSE and Goodyear reveals seven driving personalities.

Whether on summer holidays, or commuting to work, the time people spend on the road can be a stressful and frustrating experience, as indicated by social psychologists from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). An ongoing study on the social psychology of road safety conducted jointly by LSE and tyre manufacturer Goodyear,…