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What are the Six key issues keeping fleet managers awake at night?

“Fleet Managers grapple with a wide range of issues that lead to sleepless nights. Not only are their diverse operations exposed to outside risk, but they often have to juggle the needs of machines as well as humans in a dynamic, changing environment,” says Dr David Molapo, Head of Fleet Management at Standard Bank. “We spoke…


Wesbank and Hollard team up for a new venture

WesBank, a division of FirstRand Bank Limited, and The Hollard Insurance Company announced today that they will formalise their long-standing relationship through the formation of a new holding company, which will offer both WesBank and Hollard value-added motor products. WesBank will be the majority shareholder. Part of the transaction is that an agreement has been…


Alexander Forbes Insurance will honour vehicle claims irrespective of e-toll licencing decisons

Following recent announcements regarding e-tolls and the various debates surrounding insurance cover that those South Africans with outstanding e-toll accounts will not be able to renew their vehicle licence disc, questions arise on whether or not your motor insurer will settle a claim based on the status of your vehicle licence disc. Alexander Forbes Insurance…

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Volvo Cars’ standard safety technology cuts accident claims by 28%

One of the most comprehensive scientific studies performed on collision avoidance systems in cars reveals that Volvo Cars’ standard City Safety technology reduces insurance claims for rear-end frontal collisions by 28 per cent. Based on real-life accumulated insurance claims data from the Swedish insurers If and Volvia, the study of City Safety performance conclusively reveals…

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Insurance tips for the small fleet operator

Many small to medium businesses in South Africa operate small fleets of vehicles to support their operations. As company assets which are exposed to the risks of regularly driving on the roads, these vehicles need to be insured; additionally, company owners must be protected from any potential liabilities which could arise should any one of…

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The benefits of alcohol testing in the transport sector – for employers and their employees

The trucking and transportation sector is vital to the economic wellbeing of South Africa, ensuring the flow of goods between provinces for both local consumption and export. However, it is also an industry that sees prevalent use of alcohol and drugs among truck drivers. A comprehensive substance abuse program, which includes on-going random testing and…


Which vehicles are by law exempt from Registration?

Motor vehicle exempt from registration Reg 5.        (1)        A motor vehicle— (a)        propelled by electrical power derived from electrical cabling affixed to the vehicle and that is not used on a public road; (b)        which has crawler tracks; (c)        which is not— (i)         self-propelled; (ii)        a caravan; (iii)       designed principally for the conveyance of persons…


Single contract transport operators face a challenging future

Transport operators, who are a key component of the economic fabric of rural towns are finding it increasingly difficult to operate in a challenging environment where pressure on margins, volatile fuel prices and increased operating costs are placing stress on their profitability – especially in cases where they rely on a ‘single contract’ for their…