How long can I use my vehicle from the expiry of the disc with load on?

Question: I have a rig comprising of a mechanical  horse and a lowbed trailer. Now the operators permit and annual license expires on say the 28th of February 2015. This vehicle however is on the road going through Harrismith  , when a Provincial inspector stops the vehicle. The inspector sees that the permit/license expires on…

TomTom live traffic

TomTom introduces GO Mobile, a free Android app

Johannesburg, South Africa, 4 March 2015,– TomTom (TOM2) today launches a new navigation app with TomTom Traffic in South Africa. People can now experience TomTom’s premium navigation and real-time traffic information, driving up to 75km every month at no additional cost. * Drivers can upgrade to unlimited driving with a simple in app purchase. Sharing…


Fleet tyre maintenance worth its weight in rubber

Ineffective management and maintenance of fleet tyres can affect the performance of a company’s fleet and give rise to unnecessary and costly operational expenditure, which severely impacts on an organisation’s bottom line, warns the South African Tyre Manufacturer’s Conference (SATMC). As the focus of all businesses shift to budgeting and improving on past performance with…


Positive February vehicle sales ahead of fuel price increases

2 March 2015: February’s total new vehicle sales have grown 1.1%, year-on-year, according to the newest data from the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa. Passenger car sales are up 1.5%, year-on-year, with the segment selling 34 909 cars in total. Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) sales are up 1.8%, at 15 139 units,…

police badge

3 Border police members arrested for corruption and assisting in smuggling of stolen vehicles across border

Three police members attached to the Pafuri Port of Entrance appeared in court on Thursday after they were arrested on a charge of corruption. The members were arrested following intensive investigations after information was received that they are assisting suspects in smuggling stolen motor vehicles across the border in return for payment. They were arrested…


Can I drive a commercial truck with link trailer if only back trailer has a load and front piece (trailer) is empty?

Question: Can I drive a commercial truck with link trailer if only back trailer has a load and front piece (trailer) is empty? Answer: You may as long as the total load on the vehicle does not exceed 5 x the mass of the driving axle/s of the vehicle. Reg 239(3) requires that the drive…


Motorists alerted to increased risks of vehicle attacks on R300 near Cape Town

The Arrive Alive website received an alert which was sent in social media to members of an anti-truck hijacking group: “High Risk Area report: Kindly note that – there has been an increase in vehicle attacks on the R300 highway in Cape Town. If you have operations in the area, consider alternative routes at night.…


You are breaking the law and taking a massive financial risk if your truck driver is not validly licensed!

Earlier this week we found a massive wake-up call to fleet operators at the announcement by the RTMC of the large numbers of truck drivers and public transport drivers who are not validly licensed. In the story titled “Close to half a million freight and public drivers do not qualify to be on South African…