recallChrysler and Volvo are recalling a total of 36 000 vehicles in the US to fix problems that could pose safety risks.

Chrysler’s recall affects about 26 000 cars and pickup trucks that have power steering hoses that can develop leaks.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said steering fluid hoses could separate at the crimped end and leak fluid on to the engine, potentially causing a fire.

Company spokesman Vince Muniga said on Wednesday that Chrysler is not aware of any fires or injuries because of the problem, which was discovered by the company that supplies the hose to Chrysler.

The recall affects some 2010 models of the Chrysler 300C and Sebring, the Dodge Avenger, Charger, Challenger and Journey, and some 2011 Dodge Ram bakkies.

Of these only the 300C, Sebring and Journey have been released in South Africa; we’re waiting on an answer from Chrysler SA as to how many cars are affected.

Muniga said only vehicles built between June 24 and August 30 2010 were affected by the recall and others did not have the problem. Chrysler would notify all owners of the affected cars and bakkies sometime in October.

He said: “We know which vehicles. We’ll send letters to owners letting them know that this is a voluntary safety recall and to bring them in and it’ll be replaced at no cost.”

The Volvo recall affects nearly 10 000 vehicles to fix front crash-bag systems that may not deploy in a crash, due to a possible electrical short-circuit in the driver’s crash-bag clockspring wiring connector

The company said the shorting bar in the clockspring wiring might not work as intended as its geometry had been affected by the maintenance of the manufacturing tool.

The recall includes certain S80 sedans, XC60 and XC70 crossover vehicles from the 2010-2011 model year, and model year 2010 V70 station wagons.

Volvo SA said the recall would involve about 546 XC60, XC70 and S80 vehicles in South Africa, although there had been no reported incidents.

If the problem occurred, it said, the supplemental restraint system (SRS) light in the driver information display would immediately come on and the message “AIRBAG SYSTEM SERVICE REQUIRED” would be displayed in the driver information module.

Volvo said it was contacting all concerned customers so they could schedule an appointment with their nearest Volvo dealer. The corrective action would be to install a shim to the clockspring wiring connector, which would take about half an hour and would be done free. – AP

[Story by By Tom Krisher and Ken Thomas ]

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