Arrive Allive 25Not all citizens are against speed entrapment! There are areas and situations where the failure to effectively enforce the speed limit – or even reduce the speed limit, can be a significant threat to innocent road users.

This is especially true in residential areas and near schools! We would like to share an email received from a concerned citizen:

β€œTo whom it may concern

Please advise who I can speak to in order to set up a speeding camera on Boundary Lane, Parkmore, Sandton, Johannesburg.

Boundary Lane runs parallel to Sandon Drive and a lot of motorists use Boundary Lane to get into the Sandton CBD as opposed to using Sandton Drive or William Nicol.

There is also a stop street, corner Boundary Lane and Gordon road that is ignored and motorist rarely even yield, let alone stop.

There are a lot of children and animals living on the road and it is unacceptable that people exceed the speed limit on this residential road.

Please advise the best way of addressing this issue.”

This message has been shared with the Director responsible for speeding operation at JMPD and these concerns might soon be effectively addressed.

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