A regular visitor to the Arrive Alive website emailed us a video clip titled “Too much power in the wrong hands”. We would like to focus in this post on the need to consider safety by all spectators attending motor racing events!

It is of the utmost importance that we remain aware of the need to have proper protection between ourselves and the fast moving vehicles!

This is something that was also brought to our attention by Toyota Racing, urging spectators to find safe spots to view the drivers participating in cross country racing:


The opening event of the Donaldson Cross Country Championship, the RFS 450, is a spectator friendly event with 13 viewing points along the route.

The race is expected to draw a large number of cross country racing enthusiasts, and the Spectator Point Information and Travel Directions document provides precise information on how to access various spectator viewing points. Here are some additional tips to make your spectator experience safe and enjoyable.

• Drive carefully and obey all urban and suburban speed limits and traffic rules and regulations
• Obey all instructions from police, traffic officers and race officials
• Park in a safe place at spectator points and do not hinder competitors or other road users
• Keep children under supervision at all times
• Do not litter. Please keep our country clean

Very important as well:

  • Stand behind effective Armco barriers or other protection.
  • A temporary steel barrier may protect you at a cycling event but not at a motor racing event.
  • A reflective tape is no protection!

Consider Safety -Think when Driving, Riding, Cycling or Walking in Traffic All the Time!!




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