I hope you can help me.  We are from the USA.  We have permanent residence here in SA.  My husband and I have exchanged our California drivers licenses for SA licenses after we became permanent residents.  My question is about my son.  He is also a permanent resident.

He went to study in the US after he matriculated here in 2012.  Now he is back living in SA.  While he was in California he got his driving license.

Is it possible for him to exhange it for a SA one now that he has decided to study here?  He has been a permanent resident since 2010, but was not eligible to drive at that time.  I cannot find any mention of this sort of thing on the official Dept. of Motor Vehicles site.


Your son must start the whole process afresh by doing learners license and a drivers licence test in South Africa to be issued with a valid SA driving licence, because the regulation in place state that if you are a South African Citizen, permanent born in South Africa you are expected to have a valid South African drivers before a Foreign drivers licence.

The conversion only apply to the Foreigners’ who do not have SA Citizenship to convert their licence to a South African.

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