We have all kinds of unique identifying features! It is however not only fingerprints and eye scanning that can be used to identify a specific person.

Japanese scientists claim their pressure sensor sheet can accurately identify an individual’s backside and when placed on a driver’s seat could be used as a last line of defence to stop someone else driving away your motor.

Your buttocks may have 39 identifying features

“The sheet has 360 sensors, which collect data for 39 features to recognise a person, such as pressure patterns and the dimensions of the buttocks,” said Dr Shigeomi Koshimizu, who led the research.

Koshimizu, an associate professor at Tokyo-based Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, said his device is 98% accurate and far less onerous than conventional biometrics as it requires nothing more than someone to sit naturally.

Clothing may present a challenge

But, he added, there are still a few hurdles to clear before the technology makes it to market.

“The recognition tends to be compromised by different clothes,” he said. “Sensors read different signals from a pair of trousers and a pair of jeans.”


Few would have thought that the size and shape of your buttocks may one day be an anti-theft device! We believe that not only clothes might present a challenge – but also our ability to change shape with fitness exercises and weight loss programmes.

We look forward to seeing how these studies could impact on fighting vehicle theft and the potential benefits for car insurance!

[Information from a story that appeared via Sapa]

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