Gerotek South Africa has a steadfast reputation as one of the best independent, objective consultation test facilities in the world.   This multi-disciplinary organisation based near Hartebeespoort dam set the scene for Ctrack’s field test day for its latest telematics product testing on 25 April 2013.

Under test were three categories of vehicles: small family car, crossover SUV, and sports motorcar and Ctrack’s ability to accurately detect and report various driver behaviour patterns.  Harsh acceleration, harsh cornering, harsh braking, speeding, as well as harsh bumps were monitored on each of these vehicles.  Conditions were rigid and overseen by Gerotek and senior Ctrack engineer Elardus Erasmus, coordinated by Ctrack’s Insurance Telematics Manager, Hennie Barnard.

Although this type of testing is not new to Ctrack, these tests specifically focused on a set of new algorithms and an intelligent alignment capability added to the Ctrack system. Confirming Ctrack’s confidence in their technology, these 3rd party verification tests were also witnessed by the media, who were invited to join Ctrack at Gerotek for the day.

The success of these new innovations, verified by Gerotek, again confirmed Ctrack’s dedication to produce market leading telematics solutions.  Says Deon du Rand, Ctrack’s CTO and Strategic Projects director: “By comparing Ctrack’s in-house developed technology against the highly sophisticated and accurate scientific instrumentation available at Gerotek, we ensure that Ctrack continues to deliver accurate and consistent information to its clients.”

Ctrack is committed to a never ending process of innovation to develop sophisticated driver behaviour and risk monitoring solutions, while providing significant value added features and benefits for the user and owner of the vehicle.  “The innovative and unique alignment algorithms tested today enables Ctrack to automatically align its measurements to the vehicle axis, removing the risk of human error during installation which affects the results of most other systems”, remarked du Rand.

Ctrack’s telematics solutions are used with great benefit in various industries, ranging from Insurance and Risk,  Logistics and Freight, to individual consumers using Ctrack for peace of mind and to provide SARS with business travel logs in support of their tax claims.

Bespoke telematics solutions offered by Ctrack include both driver and fleet profiling  to ensure optimal use of today’s highly sophisticated and expensive vehicles, not to mention the reduction in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption possible through efficiencies enabled by Ctrack.

“Ctrack’s telematics, monitoring and tracking technology have surpassed most, if not all of our competitors”, says Deon du Rand.  “ We spend a lot time and resources on development and testing, and although expensive and time-consuming, it supports our commitment to our customers that our technology is state of the art and uncompromised in quality”, says du Rand.



Insurance Telematics and Driver Behaviour Measurement with Ctrack

About Ctrack:

Ctrack is part of JSE listed DigiCore Holdings and specialises in insurance telematics, vehicle tracking and fleet management for a global client base. With more than 25 years of experience, Ctrack is recognised as a world-leading provider of advanced machine-to-machine communication and telematics solutions that adds significant value to this global base of clients.

Ctrack’s end–to-end research, design, development, manufacturing, sales and support of customised solutions for customers is serviced by a global network of staff and team members in more than 50 countries through the Ctrack brand.  The company’s technology and manufacturing divisions design, test and manufacture a robust range of asset management and monitoring systems using Accelerometers, GPS positioning, wireless communication systems and other advanced communication and sensory technologies. The result is innovative and advanced end-to-end solutions that provide Ctrack clients with information on- and monitoring of their mobile assets to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs.

Ctrack’s operations span six continents, with over one thousand employees and more than 700,000 systems sold.

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