Tyres tend to be one of those things that many people don’t really give much thought too. Of course you know it’s important to check them every now and again, making sure that the tread is still good and so on, but do you really do it on a regular basis?

The Damage Done

Earlier in 2012 the European Commission released a report whereby they stated that as much as 71% of vehicles had under-inflated tyres. The survey was done by Bridgestone and they examined 38 000 vehicles across nine European countries.

What drivers don’t realise is that by driving your car with under-inflated tyres not only shortens the length of a tyre’s life by half, but also increases your fuel usage by approximately 4% and creates extra CO2 emissions. The Commission estimated that as much as five-million tons of CO2 emissions are due to cars running with under-inflated tyres. When you consider the latter, it becomes quite evident that the damage caused is much higher than we could ever imagine through something so simple.

Then there is the matter of safety. Experts warn that the stability of the vehicle is affected by driving soft tyres. Add into the equation the quality of our South African roads and you are set up for a situation which could ultimately lead to a crash, thereby placing you, your passengers and other fellow drivers at risk.

Make a Change

There is much to gain by making a small difference in the way you care for your tyres. Begin by checking your tyre-pressure on a regular basis, maybe every time you fill up your car. If you’re unsure what your tyre pressures should be, check in the driver’s door jamb or in the handbook. Also, check your tread-depth at least once a month, including the spare in the boot.

By doing these simple things you will save money, life greener and keep those you love safer.

[Info from Cittoncars.co.za]

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