• Procedures when turning at intersections that could reduce side swipe crashes Arrive Alive Tweet IntersectionsQuestion: Can you please assist with regards to the K53 with reference to lane changes at Intersections? I was asked this morning by a friend who nearly bumped into a vehicle at a similar intersection to the one attached below. He was vehicle B and turned right to head to lane 3 and assumed that vehicle A, having ... Read more
  • BMW and GridCars putting a spark in the electric car industry CaptureThere are tipping points in history when different trends and forces come together, forever changing our view of the future. Two of the most notable have been the Industrial Revolution and the Digital Revolution. The third, being brought about by the convergence of IT, a world of dwindling natural resources and a demand for energy, ... Read more
  • Toyota retains market leadership with total vehicle sales in June Toyota Fortuner  Market segment June 2014 June 2015 % change Passenger vehicles 35,367 33,035 -6.6% Light commercial vehicles 14,533 14,751 1.5% Medium commercial vehicles 907 804 -11.4% Heavy commercial vehicles 456 459 0.6% Extra Heavy commercial vehicles 1,408 1,122 -20.3% Bus 114 75 -34.2% Vehicle exports 23,492 31,422 33.8% Overall market (local) 52,784 50,251 -4.8%   Toyota South Africa Motors retained its market leadership position during June with 9,712 Toyota vehicles finding a new home – this translates to 19.3% market share in a market that has declined by close to 5%. The brand ... Read more
  • Consumer indebtedness and economic uncertainty affecting vehicle sales CaptureVehicle sales continue to decline, as seen in the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers’ (Naamsa) sales data for June. Total sales in June were down 4.8%, year-on-year, with 50 251 new vehicles sold. Year-to-date, the market was down 1,9%. Passenger car sales for June were down 6.6% compared to the same month last year. This is largely ... Read more
  • Wesbank and FNB join forces to enhance fleet offering CaptureFrom 1 July 2015, WesBank’s Fleet Division will report into sister bank FNB’s Credit Card Division. This will afford WesBank’s Fleet customers improved exposure to the FirstRand Group strategy of aligning expertise in the respective channels of Merchant services, Transactional Banking and Vehicle Asset Finance. This move will see both parties bringing the best of ... Read more
  • What are the Six key issues keeping fleet managers awake at night? tyre safety trucks“Fleet Managers grapple with a wide range of issues that lead to sleepless nights. Not only are their diverse operations exposed to outside risk, but they often have to juggle the needs of machines as well as humans in a dynamic, changing environment,” says Dr David Molapo, Head of Fleet Management at Standard Bank. “We spoke to ... Read more
  • Wesbank and Hollard team up for a new venture Chris de Kock, CEO of WesBankWesBank, a division of FirstRand Bank Limited, and The Hollard Insurance Company announced today that they will formalise their long-standing relationship through the formation of a new holding company, which will offer both WesBank and Hollard value-added motor products. WesBank will be the majority shareholder. Part of the transaction is that an agreement has been reached ... Read more
  • What are some of the key aspects to consider when planning to open a truck stop? 1Question: I would like information about how to open a truck stop in my area…Please forward me any information Answer: You need to perform research to determine among other aspects the following: how many trucks pass through the area how many trucks will stop what the destinations for these trucks are what the drivers require at the truck shop what owners require will you ... Read more
  • Who knows what the ‘C-D’ stands for in the sign name below? did_you_know782Question: Can you or one of your experts tell me what the ‘C-D’ stands for in the sign name below? I see that abbreviation is used in several direction signs. Answer: C-D in SARTSM stands for collector-distributor and is a road classification. A collector-distributor road is normally found at a systems interchange (where two freeways intersect) and is ... Read more
  • Tracking devices, no longer just a recovery tool hijacking cargoSo often we talk about road safety; being a responsible driver, buckling up, and being a safe pedestrian and while all very important, there is a key consideration that motorists should keep in mind when thinking of safety – that is vehicle safety. The safety of yourself while in your car, as well as your car’s ... Read more
  • What is the maximum legal length allowed for my trailer? long trailerQuestion: We have a bakkie and trailer for deliveries. The trailer is quite long. I just want to know what is the maximum length for a trailer? I tried to look in gazettes but cannot find it there. Answer: Regulation 221 applies Overall length of vehicle Reg 221.   No person shall operate on a public road— (a)     a trailer which is coupled ... Read more
  • What are the Rules of the road on special vehicles crossing the road from one farm to another? did_you_know782Question: Good day! I have a query on unlicensed vehicles such as home made trailers, cranes, Bell Loggers and the like. If they are transported from one farm to the next, how many kilometres are they allowed to travel on a public road? Answer: All trailers must be licensed. Reg 21 allows them to be specially classified. They ... Read more
  • Insurers embark on joint initiative to support generic car parts Dakar 2014 partsAs high petrol prices and inflation continue to threaten household incomes for most South Africans, Gari Dombo, MD of Alexander Forbes Insurance says, “A number of insurers are embarking on a joint initiative to support generic car parts, provided they are safe from a user perspective and can ultimately reduce the premiums that clients pay.” He ... Read more
  • Can I ride with a trike motorcycle on the freeway? did_you_know782Question: Do I need a special permit/licence to drive an Can Am Spyder trike on south African freeways or hiways? I do have a licence for the bike and my drivers licence is code “A”. Thanks Answer: Currently not. If the tricycle has an engine with a CC exceeding 500 it will be allowed in future once the Minister ... Read more
  • What are the main issues addressed in Consignor Legislation? Overloading truck africaThe Consignor legislation came into force on 31 Jan and is based on the following principles. It has been widely recognised and the principle accepted, both by the freight transport industry and the law enforcement authorities, that there is a need, in certain cases, to extend the responsibility of heavy vehicle overloading to the consignor ... Read more
  • What do I need to know about driving a tractor on a public road? tractor farming warningQuestion: Good day I am wondering if you may help me please. I am a farmer, our farms are 30km apart. We need to move equipment and tractors between the farm for seasonal operations. Our tractors are licensed along with the driver. Our problem is this. Each officer we speak to has a different version of ... Read more
  • Not maintaining your tires can prove to be Expensive! CaptureMaintaining your tyres is probably not at the top of your to-do list, nor even a line item on your budget, but as Tiger Wheel & Tyre cautions you really can’t afford not to maintain your tyres. “If ever there was a reason to make the time and find the budget for tyre maintenance, then it’s ... Read more
  • Can I transport a horse and trailer on a code 10 licence? did_you_know782Question: I would like to know if one can transport a horse and trailer on a code 10 licence as this is a bit of a grey area for me and the traffic department told me that it is legal. I have a code B licence and a code 10 learners but want to do my ... Read more
  • The SAICB Signs MoU with Lesotho Mounted Police Services (LMPS) to curb cross border vehicle crime What-are-the-methods-used-to-smuggle-vehicles-across-South-African-bordersCross border vehicle crime is a serious problem affecting both the public and privatised sectors. As one of our key focus areas for 2015, the SAICB has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Lesotho Mounted Police Services (LMPS) in an effort to reduce cross border vehicle crime, fraud and corruption between South Africa ... Read more
  • Detained for being over the legal limit of alcohol? A few things Justice Project says you to be aware of! SAFELY HOME KILLERQuestion: Hi, I have a quick query. If you are detained for being over the legal limit of alcohol AND you are taken to be held in a holding cell, how long are you required to be there, is there a compulsory time period or are you able to be released one you have called a ... Read more
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20 thoughts on “Did you know?

  1. I have a normal drivers license but I want to add a pdp, code 10 and a bike license. Can I do it all together?

  2. Wickus Coetsee

    Is a car deamed roadworthy with no numberplates displayed?

  3. HI i was wondering what the process is to renew a car licence, if you are not the owner.
    and the owner is in another country?

    Is it the same process, or is something else needed.



  4. Luan Crawford

    Hi, i dont want to leave a comment but need an answer to my question. There is only the option to “submit comment”. So i am having to use this facility.
    I was parked in a parking bay, sitting in my car last month. Woman in black Jaguar opened her door carelessly onto the fender of my car. We swopped details. We reported the incident. I put in insurance claim with Glenrand (my current insurer). They tell me i have to pay excess of R2250. I said “no”, it is 3rd party claim, the other driver’s insurance Co must pay or the other driver. Glenrand say, i must pay and they will attempt to get the money out of her insurance company. Glenrand are soooo useless, they are honestly not going to bother to get the money back and i will land up being out of pocket. What the hell is my 3rd party insurance for? I must pay excess? Is this legal?

  5. Suzette

    Can anyone assist. We have a Mercedes Sprinter (3500) that we use as a camper with only the two single seats infront. We do not transport people or goods or anything else for that matter. Do we still need a Prdp. I read all the laws and requirments regarding Prdp and can only find that the vehicle is in the 3500 range.

  6. Anton

    Question: Learners Licence

    - The person concerned must be accompanied in or on that vehicle by, and be under the direct personal supervision of a person seated next to him or her, or immediately behind him or her, where such person cannot be seated next to him or her, and who is in possession of a license, other than a learners or similar license, authorising him or her to drive that class of motor vehicle. This is not applicable in the case where the provisional license relates to a motor vehicle having no seating accommodation for a passenger or to a motor cycle.

    Does this mean that if I pull the seats out of a car, then I can drive alone with a learner’s licence?

  7. Susan

    Is it true that insurance premiums are supposed to decrease because the value of the insured vehicle decreases each year?

  8. admin

    Hi Susan,

    that is unfortunately only one side of the argument … most insurers will tell you that the cost of repairing a vehicle is always increasing and due to the fact that more cars are repaired than replaced means that insurance premiums do not necessarily decrease as the value decreases.

    But your insurer should take the decrease in value into consideration when reviewing your car insurance premium.

  9. Lisa

    What is the minimum required car insurance for driving in South Africa? Just liability, or collision…am moving form the US where different states have different requirements. What is the requirement in Gauteng?


  10. admin

    Hi Lisa,

    the law does not require you to have any car insurance. But we would advise you to take out fully comprehensive insurance when you get here as a large portion of vehicles on our roads are uninsured.

  11. Hi there.

    I would like to know whether it is legal for the traffic department to fine you twice for the same time and event? One fine being from a speeding camera and the other being from a traffic cop? Which one am I legally bound to pay?

  12. Marcia

    Dear Sir,’

    I need your kind assistance.

    I would like to know if you may have in stock the valves for an Audi A4 – 2litre – 2003 model.
    The engine number is: 166172

    Kindly revert to me soonest with the availability and cost as well.

    I thank you.


  13. lucky

    hello after the insurance has approved my claims after having an accident how long should the panel beaters start working on my car each time I go there I am told the car will be stripped then they will order parts its been 2 weeks now lucky pta

  14. Max

    My car was involved in a car accident the driver of the Hardware company did not stop at the traffic light when they were red. My car was not insured and is still financed by the bank. I have tried to lodge a third claim with the company insurance and they say it was not the drivers mistake whereas i have two witnesses who were on the scene when it happened. Please urgently advise on how i can pursue the matter – are there lawyers who can assist paid by the state to pursue the matter.. The witness have agreed to assist in case the matter goes to court.


  15. Hi

    I subscribed for dents & scratches but lost contact.Could you please provide me with the relevant departments contacts.


  16. Rosemarie

    If I want to put my car on my mom’s name because I’m going out the country do I have to re roadworthy or can I just go and have it changed at the post office? Ur soonest reply needed. Thank u….

  17. Pam

    I am looking for an insurance company to insure my vehicle, I am a victim of multi claimant, of which some were not my fault, but now I am having a problem finding an insurance company, I have already been declined by 75% of the companies
    I am even trying the brokers, but still not luck
    please help

  18. Sharon Haarhoff

    Good day

    Last Wednesday 18th March 2015 I was travelling along Olifantsfontein Road opposite Teazers – I was travelling at less than 60km per hour due to the heavy rain – I hit a massive pothole which subsequently burst my brand new tyre which I purchased less than a month ago – I was stranded on the side of the road in the pouring rain – no street lights – and a woman on her own.

    Where do I claim for the tyre, balancing and alignment ??

    I am so sick to death of the disgusting shape of our roads when our cabinet members are living in the lap of luxury – some of this wasted money should be used to repair our roads – they are a hazard and a danger.

    Feeling very angry and disillusioned at present with our roads and lack of concern about their repair…..

  19. Christo

    Buying a vehicle with the license fee in arrears. Why should the new owner be responsible for the outstanding fees, is there a way of solving a previous owners outstanding fees?

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