• Volvo Cars reveals the all-new Volvo XC90 R-Design Volvo Cars has released the first images of the R-Design version of the all-new Volvo XC90, aimed at buyers looking for a head-turner that radiates a truly sporty and dynamic look. “R-Design is created for people with a passion for things that add spice to life,” said Alain Visser, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Sales and Customer ... Read more
  • Safety requires that we slow down and not swerve to hit or miss animals on our roads Every year, thousands of animals, including birds and reptiles are killed on South Africa’s notoriously dangerous roads due to vehicle collision with animals. Colliding with wildlife is likely to cause significant harm to the driver, passengers, animals and the vehicle,yet evidence from a recent Endangered Wildlife Trust(EWT)study reveals that some drivers may in fact deliberately swerve ... Read more
  • Three suspects arrested for motor vehicle application fraud amounting to R50 million The Electronic Crime Unit of the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI), the Hawks, in conjunction with the banking industry, arrested three suspects for motor vehicle application fraud amounting to R50 million. The suspects, 33-year-old Adele Coetzee, her husband, 37-year-old Marius Coetzee, and his mother, 60-year-old Kitty Coetzee, were arrested in Brits in the North West ... Read more
  • Mild exterior update underlines sporty persona of updated Kia Picanto The second-generation Kia Picanto has been turning heads since making its global premiere at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show and local market introduction in 2011. Completely redesigned, the new model – proudly featuring Kia’s iconic ‘tiger nose’ grille – moved the Picanto from ‘cute’ and ‘friendly’ to ‘mature’ and ‘handsome’, combining sporty styling, a high ... Read more
  • First Edition of all-new Volvo XC90 sold out in 47 hours The First Edition of the all-new Volvo XC90, which was only available for sale via digital commerce, sold out in 47 hours after it was released on Wednesday afternoon at 16.00 hours CET. Most of the 1,927 individually numbered cars were reserved within one hour from sales start. At its peak, 7 cars were sold ... Read more
  • Can I “roadworthy” my quad bike? Question: If a quad bike was fitted with all the instruments to deem it roadworthy, can it be registered and licensed and used on the public roads? How does 1 formally address this issue to be taken up for consideration, by the powers that be? Quite simply a quad bike is 200 times safer to drive ... Read more
  • Only overtake when you can start and return without crossing a barrier/ solid line Question: “I have a ticket for barrier line. The time I start overtaking a moving car there was safe to overtake in other words there is no solid line so when i’m finished to overtake there is a solid line. So the traffic police give me a fine of R1000.. Can you explain me how it ... Read more
  • Johannesburg Roads Agency answers questions on pothole claims Questions: Please assist me on this matter of what I am trying to find out the following. ·     What can a municipality do (Must do) to not be liable for pothole claims? ·     Is there a fine involved if they do not want to pay the claims? ·     What can they do to be non-liable for 80 – 90% ... Read more
  • Is it illegal to skateboard on public roads in Cape Town? Question: Can you please tell me if it is illegal in terms of locaal Municipal bylaws, or the National Road Traffic Act 93 of 96, to skateboard on public roads? This is in the Western Cape I am referring to. Answer: There is a by-law in the City of Cape Town which prohibits skateboarding except in those areas ... Read more
  • Opel ADAM and Mokka confirmed for South Africa General Motors South Africa (GMSA) has confirmed the imminent introduction of two new Opel vehicles to the South African market. The new Opel ADAM and Opel Mokka will be introduced to South Africa for sale in 2015 as part of a global product offensive by Opel which will see the German brand introduce 27 new ... Read more
  • May my nurse at the retirement village drive a golf cart if she has no valid driving car license?   Question:  I am the Matron of a Retirement Village, my night staff get call out on regular basis to visit an elderly in his cottage, may my nurse drive a golf cart if she has no valid driving car license? Answer: Unfortunately not. Estate roads are still considered public roads and golf carts are technically only allowed in ... Read more
  • How safe are your car’s tyres? MiWay offers a checklist for maintenance tips Keeping safe on the road is not only about being an alert and cautious driver, it is also about making sure that your car is always in tip-top condition. An essential part of that is ensuring that your tyres are in a roadworthy condition – after all, the tyres are the point of contact between ... Read more
  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class also offers Collision Prevention Assist Plus No other car lives up to the high standards so famously and quite as comprehensively as the top model from Mercedes-Benz. The S 600 L with V12 biturbo engine is the top model in the already successfully established S-Class and is available exclusively with long wheelbase and with a luxurious package of equipment and appointments. ... Read more
  • What are the correct driving licence codes and what am I then allowed to drive in SA? Question: Hi I have a code 10 learners,can I drive a code 8 vehicle? Can I pass out for my licence with a car? Answer: Code 10 is an obsolete code reference, although I am told that the traffic departments are still using that term when they talk to candidates. The valid code references are shown on the ... Read more
  • What is the legal speed limit on an on-ramp as you enter the freeway? Question: I have a question regarding the speed limit when a driver enters a on-ramp to enter a freeway and what the speed should be when he merges with the freeway? Also when a driver leaves the freeway onto a off ramp what should the speed be as there is a speed sign of 60km/h only 50 meters before ... Read more
  • Ford introduces a mine-hardened version of its popular Ranger   Ford Ranger XL-Plus now available to mining customers in South Africa Brings world-class safety to mining sites Tested extensively in harsh environments to meet quality requirements PRETORIA, South Africa, 17 July 2014 - Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa (FMCSA) today introduced a mine-hardened version of its popular Ranger to the local market. The new variant – the ... Read more
  • Mercedes-Benz extends portfolio of exclusive lifestyle vehicles with new C-Class Estate The new C-Class Estate sees Mercedes-Benz extending its portfolio of exclusive lifestyle vehicles from October 2014. What this new model has in common with its highly successful sedan sibling is a clear yet emotional and sporty design along with innovative engineering. Technical features include efficient, new engines and high-quality, refined interiors giving a tangible feeling ... Read more
  • Stolen goods worth half a million rand confiscated and truck hijacking suspect arrested On Tuesday, 8 July 2014, Mr Jemal Mohammed, a 33 year old male appeared in the Johannesburg Magistrate court, after he was arrested for the Possession of Stolen Property. Mr Mohammed was arrested at a warehouse in Mayfair after police followed up information on a truck robbery that happened in Meyerton in May 2014. Information led ... Read more
  • What documentation do I need to register on my name the vehicle that I purchased? Question: I purchased a vehicle of which the previous owner is deceased. I have the papers but no disk. How do I go about getting vehicle on my name. I cannot track down previous owner(deceased) or relatives of which the papers is still on his name. Answer: When you say you have the papers, are you referring to ... Read more
  • How has the licence codes for motorbikes changed over the years? Question: I left South Africa in 2001 and had a motorbike licence and a motor car licence. I converted my motor car licence abroad but unfortunately at that time did not convert my motor bike licence. Is there anyway that I can get a letter stating what the old codes where and what they have been converted to. I ... Read more
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16 thoughts on “Did you know?

  1. I have a normal drivers license but I want to add a pdp, code 10 and a bike license. Can I do it all together?

  2. Wickus Coetsee

    Is a car deamed roadworthy with no numberplates displayed?

  3. HI i was wondering what the process is to renew a car licence, if you are not the owner.
    and the owner is in another country?

    Is it the same process, or is something else needed.



  4. Luan Crawford

    Hi, i dont want to leave a comment but need an answer to my question. There is only the option to “submit comment”. So i am having to use this facility.
    I was parked in a parking bay, sitting in my car last month. Woman in black Jaguar opened her door carelessly onto the fender of my car. We swopped details. We reported the incident. I put in insurance claim with Glenrand (my current insurer). They tell me i have to pay excess of R2250. I said “no”, it is 3rd party claim, the other driver’s insurance Co must pay or the other driver. Glenrand say, i must pay and they will attempt to get the money out of her insurance company. Glenrand are soooo useless, they are honestly not going to bother to get the money back and i will land up being out of pocket. What the hell is my 3rd party insurance for? I must pay excess? Is this legal?

  5. Suzette

    Can anyone assist. We have a Mercedes Sprinter (3500) that we use as a camper with only the two single seats infront. We do not transport people or goods or anything else for that matter. Do we still need a Prdp. I read all the laws and requirments regarding Prdp and can only find that the vehicle is in the 3500 range.

  6. Anton

    Question: Learners Licence

    - The person concerned must be accompanied in or on that vehicle by, and be under the direct personal supervision of a person seated next to him or her, or immediately behind him or her, where such person cannot be seated next to him or her, and who is in possession of a license, other than a learners or similar license, authorising him or her to drive that class of motor vehicle. This is not applicable in the case where the provisional license relates to a motor vehicle having no seating accommodation for a passenger or to a motor cycle.

    Does this mean that if I pull the seats out of a car, then I can drive alone with a learner’s licence?

  7. Susan

    Is it true that insurance premiums are supposed to decrease because the value of the insured vehicle decreases each year?

  8. admin

    Hi Susan,

    that is unfortunately only one side of the argument … most insurers will tell you that the cost of repairing a vehicle is always increasing and due to the fact that more cars are repaired than replaced means that insurance premiums do not necessarily decrease as the value decreases.

    But your insurer should take the decrease in value into consideration when reviewing your car insurance premium.

  9. Lisa

    What is the minimum required car insurance for driving in South Africa? Just liability, or collision…am moving form the US where different states have different requirements. What is the requirement in Gauteng?


  10. admin

    Hi Lisa,

    the law does not require you to have any car insurance. But we would advise you to take out fully comprehensive insurance when you get here as a large portion of vehicles on our roads are uninsured.

  11. Hi there.

    I would like to know whether it is legal for the traffic department to fine you twice for the same time and event? One fine being from a speeding camera and the other being from a traffic cop? Which one am I legally bound to pay?

  12. Marcia

    Dear Sir,’

    I need your kind assistance.

    I would like to know if you may have in stock the valves for an Audi A4 – 2litre – 2003 model.
    The engine number is: 166172

    Kindly revert to me soonest with the availability and cost as well.

    I thank you.


  13. lucky

    hello after the insurance has approved my claims after having an accident how long should the panel beaters start working on my car each time I go there I am told the car will be stripped then they will order parts its been 2 weeks now lucky pta

  14. Max

    My car was involved in a car accident the driver of the Hardware company did not stop at the traffic light when they were red. My car was not insured and is still financed by the bank. I have tried to lodge a third claim with the company insurance and they say it was not the drivers mistake whereas i have two witnesses who were on the scene when it happened. Please urgently advise on how i can pursue the matter – are there lawyers who can assist paid by the state to pursue the matter.. The witness have agreed to assist in case the matter goes to court.


  15. Hi

    I subscribed for dents & scratches but lost contact.Could you please provide me with the relevant departments contacts.


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