• What is the distanced allowed between the car and speed camera before the speed is recorded? Question: What is the distanced allowed between the car and the speed camera before the speed is recorded? Answer: If the camera is a laser the speed needs to be locked within 500 metres . Alta Swanepoel & Associates Be Sociable, Share! ... Read more
  • Are traffic officers allowed to trap using a mobile camera where there is no camera warning signboard? Question: I want to find out if the traffic officers are allowed to trap using a mobile camera where there is no camera warning signboard? Answer: The officers may trap if there is no sign if they are stopping the person and issuing the ticket. If the ticket is mailed the NPA generally requires a sign warning of ... Read more
  • Police crime fighting operations recover 10 stolen vehicles in the Nyanga Cluster Police in Nyanga Cluster is constantly busy clamping down on criminals. Intensive patrols, “ stop and searching’’ of suspicious persons , regular raiding of houses especially the houses of those identified as targets contributing to the high crime rate for illegal guns, drugs , stolen goods, wanted suspects and shebeens are the order of the ... Read more
  • All-New Mazda2 Wins Good Design Gold Award 2014 In Japan The soon to be launched in South Africa, all-new Mazda2 wins Good Design’s Gold Award in Japan After just recently winning Car Of The Year Japan, Mazda Motor Corporation has announced that the all-new Mazda2 received the Good Design Award’s Good Design Gold Award (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Minister’s Award), sponsored by public interest ... Read more
  • Can a licensing authority refuse to renew a car license because of any outstanding fines ?   Question: Are there any possibility that a licensing authority can refuse to renew a car license because of any outstanding fines ? Answer: Yes there are but it must be made clear that this does not extend to traffic fines that have not reached legislated stages. These stages are as follows: If an Enforcement Order has been issued in terms ... Read more
  • October 2014 vehicle sales: new car sales show resilience driven by 1.6% growth year on year in passenger vehicles sales “Despite a poor economic outlook, new car sales continue to show resilience driven by 1.6% growth year on year in passenger vehicles sales. This is driven by new model launches, incentive packages  and pre-emptive buy to avoid car price increases. Despite the new car sales growth, an increasing number of buyers continue to seek value ... Read more
  • Know the cost of a car crash: What being uninsured means for the uninsured, the insured and the insurer   Driving without insurance is a gamble which can become very costly if you have an accident. There are however products available which can make car insurance more affordable. Before driving on our country’s roads, South Africans should ask themselves if it is worth taking the risk, especially when times are tough and personal budgets are ... Read more
  • Mercedes-Benz comprehensively revises the four-door CLS Coupé This iconic design now has a more incisive front section. As the interior has been enhanced even further, there are many new, perfectly presented details waiting to be discovered that combine modern luxury and a hand-crafted feel with a passion for sport. The vehicle’s technical innovations bring exemplary functionality on the road. Futuristic MULTIBEAM LED ... Read more
  • MiWay innovates in speeding up hail claims Short-term insurer MiWay has launched a series of proactive measures to help clients file claims quickly and easily online and via mobile in the event of hail damage. This year, MiWay will harness email and SMS to proactively assist clients that have been affected by hail storms in the identified areas. This communication will include a link ... Read more
  • Hyundai reaches highest ever brand value rating Hyundai, one of the top-selling brands globally and in South Africa, saw its brand value post another two-digit growth into the top 40 in 2014 for the first time – fueled by the successful launch of products such as the new Genesis, as well as the successful implementation of its Modern Premium brand direction. The brand ... Read more
  • What does the Rules of the Road require on visibility and distance a driver must see ahead? Question: My truck, abnormal vehicle, was driving on the N11 and was stopped by a traffic officer claiming visibility is poor. The driver in turn claimed he could see well ahead of him. Now how far must the driver be able to see, or is it about other vehicles seeing him from behind? Your kind response would ... Read more
  • SAIDI says it has workable solutions for concerns about lack of driver training South Africa was rocked by the news report on Tuesday 14th October 2014 that a a shocking crash occurred on the N12 Alberton freeway. Four innocent people were killed and 57 or thereabouts, were injured. The next morning at 8am the Honourable Minister of Transport, Ms D. Peters, announced that a lack of driver training was ... Read more
  • Volvo Cars reveals 330 kW High Performance Drive-E Powertrain Concept Volvo Cars reveals 330 kW High Performance Drive-E Powertrain Concept  Triple Boost Technology takes Volvo’s four-cylinder Drive-E Powertrain petrol engine to 330 kW (450 BHP) Following the successful introduction of Volvo’s Drive-E Powertrain range in 2013, Volvo’s powertrain team once again demonstrates its technological leadership in emissions-reducing turbo technology. “When we launched the Drive-E powertrain family, our aim was to deliver the most advanced 4-cylinder engines in ... Read more
  • 5 Questions which show why choosing car hire cover makes good sense If you depend on your car on a daily basis, you may find yourself in a dilemma should it need to go to the panel beater for repairs after an accident. Insurance companies understand the inconvenience that comes with not having your car for a period of time and the high costs of hiring one ... Read more
  • Kia awarded three design prizes at 2014 Paris Motor Show Kia Motors was among the biggest winners at the Automotive Brand Contest 2014, an annual international design competition run by the German Design Council for automotive brands. The independent jury for the awards picked Kia as the winner in three categories. The Kia design team, led by Peter Schreyer, President and Chief Designer of Kia Motors ... Read more
  • Subaru Levorg wins coveted 2014 Good Design Award The Subaru Levorg has won the coveted 2014 Good Design Award from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP). Following the 2013 award bestowed on the Subaru Forester and the 2012 awards for the Impreza and XV, this marks the 3rd consecutive year that Subaru has been honoured with the Good Design Award, which reflects ... Read more
  • South African Made Tyres Tread Deep The continued increase of cheap tyres being ‘dumped’ from Far East Countries like China into South Africa through customs under-declarations, lack of service delivery, high electricity costs, increasing transport costs and the huge waste tyre fees have recently shed light on the challenges facing the five South African tyre manufactures*. There are also additional issues ... Read more
  • Survey finds that very first Geely EC7 customers are still smiling Very first Geely EC7 customers still smiling Distances of up to 45 000 covered in just 18 months Value for money, economy and trouble-free ownership praised What do an aircraft engineer, a technician, a teacher and a retired couple that are all living a happy life with a broad smile every day, have in common? In this case they ... Read more
  • Volvo V40 Cross Country AWD receives powertrain upgrade All-Wheel Drive (AWD) rugged all-road capability Reduced emissions and improved fuel economy Powertrain upgrade completes a series of enhancements The Volvo V40 Cross Country will soon be available with Volvo’s superb new 180 kW T5 Drive-E engine ­­- with the added capability of AWD. “Volvo Cars is continuing to evolve the V40 Cross Country with this powertrain upgrade. The ... Read more
  • International link to hold significant potential benefits for the 2015 Johannesburg International Motor Show The recent acquisition of a majority share in SA Show Services by Messe Frankfurt, of Germany, is seen as holding significant potential benefits for the 2015 Johannesburg International Motor Show which takes place at the Expo Centre, Nasrec, from October 14-25. Messe Frankfurt, one of the largest trade fair organisers in the world, has offices all ... Read more
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17 thoughts on “Did you know?

  1. I have a normal drivers license but I want to add a pdp, code 10 and a bike license. Can I do it all together?

  2. Wickus Coetsee

    Is a car deamed roadworthy with no numberplates displayed?

  3. HI i was wondering what the process is to renew a car licence, if you are not the owner.
    and the owner is in another country?

    Is it the same process, or is something else needed.



  4. Luan Crawford

    Hi, i dont want to leave a comment but need an answer to my question. There is only the option to “submit comment”. So i am having to use this facility.
    I was parked in a parking bay, sitting in my car last month. Woman in black Jaguar opened her door carelessly onto the fender of my car. We swopped details. We reported the incident. I put in insurance claim with Glenrand (my current insurer). They tell me i have to pay excess of R2250. I said “no”, it is 3rd party claim, the other driver’s insurance Co must pay or the other driver. Glenrand say, i must pay and they will attempt to get the money out of her insurance company. Glenrand are soooo useless, they are honestly not going to bother to get the money back and i will land up being out of pocket. What the hell is my 3rd party insurance for? I must pay excess? Is this legal?

  5. Suzette

    Can anyone assist. We have a Mercedes Sprinter (3500) that we use as a camper with only the two single seats infront. We do not transport people or goods or anything else for that matter. Do we still need a Prdp. I read all the laws and requirments regarding Prdp and can only find that the vehicle is in the 3500 range.

  6. Anton

    Question: Learners Licence

    - The person concerned must be accompanied in or on that vehicle by, and be under the direct personal supervision of a person seated next to him or her, or immediately behind him or her, where such person cannot be seated next to him or her, and who is in possession of a license, other than a learners or similar license, authorising him or her to drive that class of motor vehicle. This is not applicable in the case where the provisional license relates to a motor vehicle having no seating accommodation for a passenger or to a motor cycle.

    Does this mean that if I pull the seats out of a car, then I can drive alone with a learner’s licence?

  7. Susan

    Is it true that insurance premiums are supposed to decrease because the value of the insured vehicle decreases each year?

  8. admin

    Hi Susan,

    that is unfortunately only one side of the argument … most insurers will tell you that the cost of repairing a vehicle is always increasing and due to the fact that more cars are repaired than replaced means that insurance premiums do not necessarily decrease as the value decreases.

    But your insurer should take the decrease in value into consideration when reviewing your car insurance premium.

  9. Lisa

    What is the minimum required car insurance for driving in South Africa? Just liability, or collision…am moving form the US where different states have different requirements. What is the requirement in Gauteng?


  10. admin

    Hi Lisa,

    the law does not require you to have any car insurance. But we would advise you to take out fully comprehensive insurance when you get here as a large portion of vehicles on our roads are uninsured.

  11. Hi there.

    I would like to know whether it is legal for the traffic department to fine you twice for the same time and event? One fine being from a speeding camera and the other being from a traffic cop? Which one am I legally bound to pay?

  12. Marcia

    Dear Sir,’

    I need your kind assistance.

    I would like to know if you may have in stock the valves for an Audi A4 – 2litre – 2003 model.
    The engine number is: 166172

    Kindly revert to me soonest with the availability and cost as well.

    I thank you.


  13. lucky

    hello after the insurance has approved my claims after having an accident how long should the panel beaters start working on my car each time I go there I am told the car will be stripped then they will order parts its been 2 weeks now lucky pta

  14. Max

    My car was involved in a car accident the driver of the Hardware company did not stop at the traffic light when they were red. My car was not insured and is still financed by the bank. I have tried to lodge a third claim with the company insurance and they say it was not the drivers mistake whereas i have two witnesses who were on the scene when it happened. Please urgently advise on how i can pursue the matter – are there lawyers who can assist paid by the state to pursue the matter.. The witness have agreed to assist in case the matter goes to court.


  15. Hi

    I subscribed for dents & scratches but lost contact.Could you please provide me with the relevant departments contacts.


  16. Rosemarie

    If I want to put my car on my mom’s name because I’m going out the country do I have to re roadworthy or can I just go and have it changed at the post office? Ur soonest reply needed. Thank u….

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