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Discovery Insure wishes to assure our clients whose vehicles and homes were damaged by the severe hailstorm in Gauteng over this weekend that their claims will be dealt with speedily. The hailstorm which occurred on Saturday afternoon lasted under 2 minutes and caused significant damage to personal property.

Discovery Insure is reaching out to all the members who were affected by the devastating hailstorm that hit east of Johannesburg over the weekend. The most affected areas were Edenvale, Germiston, Kempton Park, and parts of Midrand.

“It has been a long time since we experienced hail that caused as much devastation as we experienced this weekend.” says Anton Ossip, CEO Discovery Insure. “The obvious consequences of such a storm are that many people will be claiming for damages on their insured items”.

Discovery Insure is taking proactive action to dealing with our clients’ claims, which have already started coming in. “What puts us in an advantage is that we have detailed records of which clients have been affected by the storm which is assisted by our real time DQ Track data, and we are contacting these clients to assist them with processing their claims, ensuring that they are fully assisted,” Ossip says.

In addition, he says, “we are contacting the brokers whose clients have been affected so they can start the claims process. Discovery Insure clients further benefit by not having an excess applicable to claims as a result of hail. This is fairly unusual as typically clients affected by such events need to consider how to fund their portion of the claim”

To accommodate the high claim volumes, Discovery Insure has set-up 5 drive-in-centres in Bedfordview. Once a client’s claim has been logged, Net Assess will contact the client to make an assessment appointment; the assessment will take approximately 15 minutes. Please note the client will not have to pay for this assessment.

Our clients need not to worry, as they are in good hands with Discovery Insure.

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