tyreCar Insurers are doing everything to gain the competitive edge over opponents. This includes innovative product design and a variety of benefits to their clients. In this post we would like to reflect on one of these benefits offered by Discovery Insure  – the ability to have vehicle and tyre checks performed with a rewards bonus!

Discovery Insure has launched a brand new VitalityDrive™ programme, which rewards the driver for driving responsibly and having a roadworthy vehicle. When a client signs up to the VitalityDrive™ programme, he/she can earn points which accrue towards increasing his/her VitalityDrive™ status – an increased status means increased rewards…

Earn up to 250 VitalityDrive™ points a year!

A vehicle owner can instantly earn points by bringing the vehicle to the nearest Tiger Wheel & Tyre for a free annual Multipoint Vehicle Safety Check. A Tiger Wheel & Tyre representative will inspect the vehicle and offer advice where necessary. Tiger Wheel and Tyre will make sure the tyres, windscreen wipers, lights, indicators, hazards, seatbelts, steering, hooter and shocks are in working order, and also check that the client has serviced the car regularly.

Depending on the condition of the vehicle, the owner could earn the following VitalityDrive™ Points (DQ Points™)

• 100 VitalityDrive™ Points (DQ Points™) for having the inspection done
• 100 VitalityDrive™ Points (DQ Points™) if the vehicle has passed the inspection
• 50 bonus VitalityDrive™ Points (DQ Points™) if the vehicle service intervals have been maintained

PLUS, if the client uses the DiscoveryCard to pay for wheels and tyres at Tiger Wheel & Tyre, he/she can get between 8% and 15% cash back depending on his VitalityDrive™ status.

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