travel_insuranceOur vehicle owners are most likely to drive with an insured rental vehicle when travelling abroad. But are they protected against other unfortunate mishaps such as medical emergencies from vehicle crashes, lost luggage, travel delays or injuries from adrenaline sporting activities?

On the Arrive Alive website we have decided to include a section on travel insurance to assist our vehicle owners with advice and suggestions when going abroad! We would like to quote a section from the website:

“We need to recognize that travelling for business or pleasure always does involve some form of risk. None of us are able to fund just any emergency out of our own pockets. Most medical aids will not cover medical expenses abroad, which is why travel insurance cover is vital to avoid financial disaster.

Travel insurance addresses the gaps in health insurance coverage for travellers outside their home county and protects them from substantial losses that may result from any unforeseen circumstances such as lost baggage, medical emergencies, supplier defaults, cancelled trips etc.

Travel insurance will allow you to travel with a greater sense of security. It is every traveller’s nightmare to fall ill or become injured whilst in a foreign country. In a developing country, substandard medical care is a worry. In a First World country, the poor Rand-exchange rate may mean that a simple operation could cost you the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of Rands.

History has shown that emergencies may both be sudden and devastating! From relatively minor inconveniences such as stolen luggage and missed flights to life changing events such as a tsunami, serious accident or severe illness, travellers face many situations in foreign countries that could have potentially devastating consequences. Travellers risk being alone in a foreign country with unfamiliar customs, unable to speak the language and being exposed to sometimes appalling medical facilities.

Travellers should, before embarking on the foreign travels, enquire about the medical services their health insurance will cover overseas. If the health insurance policy provides coverage outside your country of origin, travellers should be advised to carry both the insurance policy identity card (as proof of insurance) and a claim form.”

The process in acquiring travel insurance is similar to that of finding cheaper car insurance! There are affordable rates to be found by doing a bit of homework and it is worth going online to do some research and comparisons!

We would like to wish all our visitors a safe and enjoyable vacation this festive season. If you plan to go to a foreign destination, we urge you to view:

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