twitter-facebookSocial networking and media have become part of our daily life at work, at home and also on the road! The positives for car insurance are the benefits of sharing on Twitter and Facebook information on the importance of car insurance and how to find the best insurance for your specific needs.

These social networking mediums can however also pose a threat to safety if used inappropriately or at the wrong time. Using them whilst driving is definitely doing so at the wrong time!!

The number of reported car accidents as a result of in-car social networking has risen considerably according to UK car insurance provider, Swinton car insurance.

Claims against drivers using such websites such as Twitter and Facebook at the wheel have increased by 12 percent year on year, with the majority of accidents caused by a lack of attention in slow moving traffic.

UK motorists have been warned that causing an accident whilst using a mobile phone can lead to a criminal record and carries serious convictions not to mention a hefty increase in UK car insurance premiums.

Drivers should, at the very least, consider Bluetooth headsets which enable them to receive calls hands-free, keeping eyes firmly fixed on the road at all times. Nevertheless, Swinton car insurance advocates that all mobile equipment is switched off before driving a vehicle.

Steve Chelton, Insurer Development Manager at Swinton car insurance, said: “As technology advances, we are seeing more and more drivers using smart phones and other devices while behind the wheel – and this is leading to more accidents on our roads. Even in slow moving traffic, writing or reading a message is a major distraction. Our advice is simple – turn off any electronic equipment before getting into a car for a safer journey.”

We would like to urge all drivers to be alert to the dangers of distracted driving. We need to avoid these distractions to maintain an accident free driving record – and also be alert to the dangers of pedestrians distracted by cellular phones, iPods etc.

This might not only save a life or prevent serious bodily injury – but could also assist the car insurance client to find cheaper or affordable car insurance premiums!!

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