Hail Damage on the East Rand / Photo from News24

Many might be in for a rude awakening when receiving notification that their car insurance policies do not cover hail damage! The recent hail damage in Gauteng has been extensive and left thousands of motorists with some severe damage. Santam confirmed that the insurer received close to 2000 claims for hail damage to cars and homes in the East Rand. Other insurers also revealed a significant increase in claims and extended office hours to assist with the processing of claims.

Unfortunately for many insured clients their failure to read their policy contracts may prove to be costly! ¬†With insurance costs escalating many prefer the most affordable options -but fail to recognize that there is a reason why the policy might be more affordable… It is most likely that the insurance is less than comprehensive or that cover for some damage is provided as “optional cover” and with “an additional premium” to be charged for that cover.

We have found one such policy which clearly describes that Hail damage is not covered unless specified under optional cover and at an additional premium.


Example where the Hail damage is covered:

Policy Document from King Price


It remains important for vehicle owners to carefully consider their car insurance and to read the policy contract with attention to detail. You simply cannot blame the insurer if you sign and agree to the terms and conditions of such a policy.

If you live in an area where storm damage does not regularly occur, you may well decide not to include hail damage as one of the perils you are covered for…

The best advice would however be to avoid the gamble – Rather compare car insurance products from different insurers with hail damage included in the cover provided!!

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