Earlier today I assumed that a traffic officer, who had switched on his siren, was trying to pull me over. I turned of at the nearest crossroad. I waited for about 10 minutes, where I was parked, as I thought that the officer could not turn off with me as the road was quite busy. I thought that he would drive around the block and find me where I had parked.

After 10 minutes of nobody showing up, I drove away.

If the traffic officer was trying to pull me over, but lost me somehow, does that give him the right to pull me over the next time he sees me in town?

I hope you can help me with an answer as I don’t want to be seen as a target for the local traffic department.



Contrary to popular belief, traffic officers rarely “target” anyone. There are so many people who break traffic laws to choose from that this would not really be necessary in the first place.

If however, you drove at speed to the place where you pulled off the road, the traffic officer got your plate and did in fact “lose” you, then it is way more likely that he or she will come to your registered address to tackle you for the offence for which they perceived that you failed to stop.

Relying on seeing you the next time you are in town is both impractical and nonsensical, given that traffic authorities have access to eNaTIS to look up your address. I therefore feel that your fear is a little irrational.

Best Regards,

Howard Dembovsky
National Chairman – Justice Project South Africa (NPC)

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