On the Arrive Alive website we can provide information and advice on how to avoid road crashes. We can even focus on providing information on the importance of having car insurance. What we however cannot do is to asisst the injured who have been in a car crash or collision. For this we need to refer those unfortunate victims to the lawyers or hope that they have some kind of accident cover!

It is with this in mind that we are pleased to be able to share a testimonial from someone who has benefited from the services of RoadCover -one of our road safety partners!

Road Cover

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Firstly I want to thank God for the service of First National Bank, plan number SC00000049463 whereby the service is included in the policy I have a smart cover plan which includes free road cover protection.

I contacted Corne Van De Venter Attorneys, on the 10 March 2010 and explained that I was involved in a motor cycle accident and she immediately arrangenged for an appointment to come in and see her at her office.

  • On arrival at Road cover I was offered tea or coffee, I immediately felt at home.

The Attorney was notified that I had arrived and was introduced to Corne, I explained how the accident occurred, she explained to me how the claim was going to be handled and immediately arranged for me to see the necessary Doctors. Road cover also assisted me financially to attend all the Doctor appointments.

  • I was regularly updated on how my claim was proceeding at that time it was a low point in my life whereby Liza put me at rest telling me that everything was being handled by Road Cover and that I had nothing to be concerned about.
  • I also had no experience in the RAF area and this was the first time that I claimed from the RAF, this was the first time that I was involved in a serious motor cycle accident and had no clue what to do.
  • On the 25 April 2011, I was summonsed to appear in the Pretoria High court, I met up with Corne and the Advocate and they both assured me that they will get the best results for my claim and was awarded a 100%.
  • There were times that the Attorney motivated me and told me that these things take time as there is a lot of documentation that had to be in place.
  • Road cover, Corne Van Der Venter and Liza and the whole Road Cover team and especially First National Bank smart cover plan, if it was not for First National Bank road cover policy I don’t think that I would get the same assistance from a Private attorney.
  •  Special thanks to Corne and Lisa for making it plain and simple that I could understand everything that was done on my claim and would recommend anyone to have this policy from First National Bank, your advertisement says how can we help you, well with this policy you defiantly helped me safe on costs, my claim was a 100% settled.

Personally I know that you are the best bank in South Africa.

Keep up the good service

Kind Regards

A Coetzee

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