Intersection lights out

A big frustration for drivers is the reckless and selfish driving of other drivers when the traffic lights are out! Some either do not know the rules of the road or are simply too selfish to follow the correct procedure!

On the Arrive Alive Road Safety website we find the following information in a section titled “Load shedding and Road Safety”

Traffic Lights / Intersections

Most of the frustration on the road is caused by delays when traffic lights are out! There are a few basic tips to follow that will protect the road user and avoid frustrations:

  • If traffic lights are out of order / not working etc – the crossing becomes a stop street / [four way stop!]
  • This means that you have to follow the Rules of the Road for a four way stop
  • Even if there is no traffic from the other roads –You still need to stop!
  • If the vehicle in front of you crosses the intersection – you would have to allow the vehicles from the other stops to enter the crossing before you can make your move
  • This means that you might have to wait for 3 other vehicles from 3 different directions to pass
  • Be polite and pass swiftly whilst still cautious of possible offenders
  • Be alert to the sequence of vehicles from other directions approaching the intersection

And the big NO’s

  • Do not tailgate the vehicle in front of you to slip through under the radar
  • Be alert to innocent mistakes – do not become a victim of road rage
  • Refrain from rude gestures

The above video from an intersection at Nelson Mandela Drive in Bloemfontein is a good illustration of how many drivers appear to be both clueless and selfish when it comes to safe driving when the traffic lights are out of order. This was taken with the PapaGo dashboard camera recorder.

Note the following:

  • How, as we approach the intersections vehicles drive at speed from left to right, not stopping as is required for a four way stop.
  • How the driver of the white vehicle to our left is tailgating the vehicle ahead of him and not stopping to allow vehicles approaching from left and right side to proceed across the intersection.

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