Does-car-insurance-cover-windscreen-damageDamage to the windscreen is most annoying! We all know that feeling when a stone is reflected onto the windscreen and that little crack starts obscuring the view between us and the road! With our roads having deteriorated this becomes even more of a risk – a risk to be addressed by repair or replacement of the windscreen.

Technology and new product development have provided solutions to strengthen the windscreen – but what if it is damaged beyond repair? Will car insurance cover your damaged windscreen?

As a general rule car insurance will normally cover windscreen damage on a comprehensive policy if the damage was sustained during the covered period and all terms and conditions were complied with!

It is important to share with our visitors’ advice on the more important question – Does YOUR car insurance cover windscreen damage to YOUR car?

It remains the most important advice to focus on the terms and conditions of your car insurance policy! There might be reasons why and circumstances under which your car insurance policy will not cover the damage:

  • If you failed to pay all the car insurance premiums
  • If you failed to take the vehicle for the inspection as prescribed
  • If you have not used an approved windscreen replacement agent

The question is however not as simple as merely enquiring about payment or non –payment. You will need to establish whether the full replacement costs will be covered and whether this will have an effect on your excess…Will the replacements have an effect on your no claims bonus?

Car insurance policies in most cases do not pay excess unless the glass is repaired by approved agents. They might also exclude full cover and payment of excess for glass forming part of sunroofs or special glass or windscreens found on expensive imported vehicles.

What can the vehicle owner do to prevent financial harm in the event of windscreen damage?
Best advice is to consult your insurer or broker and request confirmation that your car insurance covers windscreen damage, what the effect might be on your excess and whether this will negatively impact a potential no-claims bonus.

If you are not covered adequately you might consider scratch and dent insurance as an alternative to normal car insurance to help you save thousands in paying unnecessary excesses to your insurance company.

Always communicate with your insurer and rather stay informed to avoid nasty little surprises later on at the time of claims process.

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