Fusion in HermanusWe have discussed in several blog posts on this Blog the need for a full and complete disclosure. One of the important aspects to be disclosed to your insurer is the purpose of use. If you insure your vehicle for personal use but use the vehicle for business purposes, you may be deemed to act in a fraudulent manner.

Earlier today there appeared a blog post on Insurance Chat on Guesthouse Insurance. One of the aspects reflected on is the insurance of the vehicle of the business. Several guesthouses offer transportation to and from airports and bus stops to the guesthouse.

Not only will vehicles used to transport these guests be used for business purposes, but we would also need to reflect whether the driver of such vehicle is indeed legally licensed driver of such a vehicle.

Many are not alert to the requirements with regards to the need for a professional driving permit.

When is a Professional Driving Permit [PrDP] required?

Many make the mistake in believing that the only requirement is for passengers to be transported for reward. This is a requirement, but not the only requirement:

A driver requires a category P professional driving permit (PrDP) when:

  • persons are transported for reward
  • the vehicle is designed to carry 12 or more passengers including the driver
  • the GVM exceeds 3 500kg
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