ClausePeople across the globe are eagerly anticipating gifts this festive season. At Christmas time we find many a Santa Clause in shopping centres and in our homes carrying bags with presents. Irrespective of our religious beliefs, this is a time when families gather and share gifts – and most importantly the gifts of love and togetherness.

Car Insurance Policy as the perfect gift

I thought this might be a nice time to describe a decent car insurance policy as the perfect gift for the New Year! This might seem controversial – as you cannot simply buy a car insurance policy for someone where you don’t have an “insurable interest” in that vehicle. I was however reminded of the advert on TV about the dad who bought himself a 6 pack of beers with a card attached ad the wording “To Dad From Dad”!!

The connection between the perfect Christmas Gift and a Car Insurance policy would be the following:

  • A car insurance policy shows that you care – not only for the vehicle but also for the financial well-being of the vehicle owner.
  • There goes thought and some effort into buying the correct gift for the correct person.
  • There are all types and sizes of policies – sometimes wrapped in colourful brochures and envelopes with many frills attached!
  • The correct policy is tailored to the needs of a specific person.

On opening my email and finding the above cartoon by Deni Brown and Gavin Thomson I could not resist continuing the play on the word “Clause”. This is the perfect time to warn vehicle owners of hidden clauses in their car insurance policies!

Santa Clause and the hidden clause

Santa Clause is not always what he appears to be. Under the long white beard and loud noise there is often a fat man who does not necessarily come all the way from the North Pole – and he often knows more about us than we think.

He does not always deliver the perfect presents for us – and sometimes we need to return or swap these presents for some that are more “fitting”.

In the same way we have to pay close attention to our car insurance policies and inspect the wording, terms and conditions. There are sometimes “Clauses” or “Fine Print” that are rather secretive and pointing towards “exclusions” that we might not be aware of!

We would like to urge all car insurance policyholders to inspect their “Clauses” over this festive season to ensure that they are well protected!

The Car Insurance Blog would like to wish all our vehicle owners a happy festive season with family and friends. May we care for one another and enjoy a blessed and safe festive season!!

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