Drinking and DrivingOn the Arrive Alive website we have given much attention to the dangers of impaired driving! Too many fatal accidents have been caused by intoxicated drivers. Many more of these accidents are fortunately not fatal but have lead to car insurance claims– and could have been prevented were it not for the reduced driver reactions as a result of intoxicated driving.

Many visitors to the car insurance blog have enquired about accidents caused by drunk driving – and asked the question whether car insurance companies will settle these claims.

The truth is that a car insurance claim will not be settled if there is proof that the driver has been drunk.

A car insurance policyholder should be aware that he is obliged under the car insurance policy to operate the vehicle within the Rules of the Road. If he does not obey the Rules of the Road, he will be in breach of his part of the agreement under the car insurance policy – and cannot expect the insurer to settle the claim.

Unfortunately it is also true that we do not have enough testing for drunken driving – and most accidents that are not serious do not result in testing for breath and blood. Too many accident claims are made “the morning after” – and will never involve disclosure of whether the driver had a few drinks.

Even though this will amount to car insurance fraud, many vehicle owners get away with these claims, receive payment from the car insurers and continue with their irresponsible behaviour. The effects of these claims are felt by other vehicle owners who are threatened by sharp rising car insurance premiums!!

We would like to urge vehicle owners and road users to drive responsibly – and to perform self-testing! Buy yourself a breathalyzer to keep in your vehicle and to test whether you are driving within the limits!!

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