Traffic congestionEvery festive season we pay attention to the usual safety messages such as Don’t drink and drive, don’t speed, buckle up etc. We would like to include amongst these the message to drive with lights on – you will be more visible, more likely to be seen and this might reduce the risk of being in an accident.

We are all obliged by law to drive with lights on in the dark and in the rain – but this plea to drive with lights on applies specifically to driving during daytime!

We would like to provide some reasons from the Arrive Alive website why we are urging drivers to drive with lights on:

Why should I drive with lights on?

* It is easier to see cars in low light situations – especially oncoming vehicles

* It is easier to spot cars in glare, shade, dusk, etc. when the vehicles drive with their lights on

* Your attention is grabbed a bit faster and it gives a few spilt seconds more to react, adjust etc – split seconds that could make a difference in dangerous situations

* Lights on will increase your chances to be seen when driving in fog and mist.

South African Conditions

* In South Africa approximately 40% of fatalities are pedestrian deaths
* Many informal settlements in South Africa are situated next to highways –thereby increasing the risk of further pedestrian fatalities.
* Children attending schools in rural communities walk several kilometres next to the roads to and from their schools

Various studies have shown that “driving with lights on” can improve the “detectability” of vehicles in the central and peripheral fields of view. Commitment to the “Lights on Campaign” could not only enhance visibility but also remind all motorists at all times of the dangers to road safety, and the measures that we need to take to avoid these dangers.

Road  safety requires “teamwork” and the participation and commitment from all road users. By driving with your lights on you will confirm to other motorists that you are committed to road safety. May we be alert and committed to the safety of all road users this Festive Season!!

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