traffic cop sleeping

I could not resist using this photo of a traffic officer which appeared quite a while ago in “Die Burger” newspaper. Most people would use this photo in a story about traffic enforcement or speeding fines. I would rather like to reflect on another aspect – responsible driving and avoiding heavily congested roads.

In recent months there has been an increased focus on efforts to reduce congested traffic and CO2 emissions. We have discussed on this blog how Pay As You Drive Car Insurance and GPS technology could assist in avoiding congested traffic.

The advantages are clear:

–          Reduced time spent in congested traffic

–          Less pollution from vehicle emissions

–          Less frustration and road rage

–          Savings in both time and costs of fuel

An important aspect often overlooked is the many fender bender accidents and car insurance  claims caused by frustrated motorists in congested traffic.

Car Insurance companies are now rewarding motorists who “drive clever” by enabling them to pay less for car insurance premiums. This is made possible through the following Pay As You Drive options:

–          The basic odometer reading revealing reduced distances travelled

–          The more advanced option of tracking technology also providing data on where, how and at what time you are driving!

By driving clever and paying more attention to where, how, what time and even how we drive we might save significant amounts of money – and we might even allow our traffic officers those precious moments of sleep ….They might have less need for speed enforcement and even allow us to avoid those nasty Traffic Fines!!

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