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One man sustained serious injuries and a two men sustained minor to moderate injuries after a collision between a truck and a bakkie occurred on the N3 west bound, about 100m before the off ramp to the Pavilion this morning.
ER24 and SAPS Search and Rescue arrived on the scene and found the bakkie facing oncoming traffic but up against the Armco barrier in the left hand lane.

The passenger side of the bakkie was complete mangled piece of metal. The truck had left the road and was found down a 50m embankment. Members of public had already rushed down to the truck to make sure the occupants of the vehicle were okay.

SAPS Search and Rescue used the Jaws of Life to extricate the driver from the bakkie. He had sustained injuries to his back and neck and was suffering with pains to his left arm. Once he was extricated from the vehicle he was stabilised further and placed on a specialised board. The truck driver and his passenger were assisted by the SAPS Search and Rescue to the top of the road.

They were assessed and found that the driver and passenger were complaining of pains to their arms and legs. All three patients were transported to Life Westville Hospital for further medical care.

It is unclear who was at fault but ER24 are asking motorist to be more carefully in the rainy conditions. Keep a safe distance, headlights are on and that you are wearing your seatbelts. The local authorities will be investigating the accident further.

Derrick Banks


Driving in Heavy Rains
Ombudsman says your car insurance might not cover engine damage from driving through water!!

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