pertol_increaseThe Volksblad has included a rather revealing display in the newspaper on the impact that fast escalating petrol prices will have on average household expenses. The increase in costs has been compared with the litres of milk or amount of bread that could have been bought with the extra money that now has to go into filling the tank with petrol!

Petrol prices will increase the costs of driving – and there is little the average bloke can do to prevent this. Natural disasters and the war in Libya are not amongst those things we can control. What we can however control includes:

  • The amount of driving we do
  • Reducing unnecessary travels
  • Reducing other vehicle costs such as car insurance

Many vehicle owners believe that they simply have to pay and shut-up. They are ignorant to the fact that car insurance premiums can be reduced with a bit more attention to detail.

If you are driving less – or have a vehicle that is standing in the garage without going on the road regularly – you can save significant amounts in car insurance premiums by insuring that vehicle on a Pay As You Drive basis!

We would like to urge all those road users confronted by escalating costs of travelling to find more information about the benefits of Pay As You Drive insurance.

Do not pay more than you have to!!

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