eTolls Minister Sanral

With e-tolls for Gauteng motorists in effect as of today amid much apprehension, many motorists are still unfamiliar to the concept and uncertain on what the associated costs will be – perhaps with intention.

Direct Axis, the financial services specialists firm, have compiled an infographic which provides additional information on the costs associated with e-tolling as well as comparing these costs to that of other countries where a similar system is already in effect.

Unbeknown to many motorists, South Africa has the lowest eToll cost if compared to other countries like the US, Australia and the UK. In South Africa, the average cost per kilometre for someone with an e-tag driving in a standard light vehicle is R0.30 and a daily commute of 80 kilometres on Gauteng roads will add an extra R24 to the daily travelling costs of motorists, around 11.9% of their daily income. Based on the same distance, motorists driving on UK’s M6 will have to fork out R165 per trip. In the US and Australia, the same daily trip will cost motorists R146 and R258 respectively – significantly more than in South Africa.

For more information, have a look at the attached segments of the infographic or alternatively, you can view and download the full infographic here.

eToll - SA vs Global


eToll - Countries with the most toll roads


eToll - Impact on JHB motorists

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