We would like to take a moment and divert from the posts focused only on car insurance, and share a few festive season wishes. Irrespective of the religion of our many vehicle owners, this is a time of the year that families get together and pause from their busy lives. This is a time when we are appreciative of all our blessings, a time for sharing with families and friends.


We would like to reflect on a year that has been and also remember those who have passed away – especially those who have passed away on our roads. In 2008 more than 14,057 lives were lost on the roads of South Africa. We expect that as many would have died in road crashes this year. It is these lives that we would like to remember.

The Car Insurance Blog is not only aimed at sharing advice on how to find cheaper car insurance and how to ensure that justice is served in the processing of accident claims. The Car Insurance Blog is also aimed at assisting vehicle owners to have peace of mind on the road and to create awareness of road safety threats – not only to protect them from vehicle damage and loss – but also to protect the lives of drivers, passengers and other road users!

We will continue to promote the sharing of knowledge and a greater commitment to road safety, better care and support for victims, a reduction in the number of future victims, and improvement in road safety globally, regionally, nationally and locally.

May all our readers enjoy a Blessed Christmas / Festive Season and may we strive to love more and care more for those around us!!

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