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Yesterday, 05 March 2014, at approximately 17:00, the police at Lebombo Port of Entry intercepted a truck worth R1.4 million consigned to Mozambique at SARS Commercial area near Komatipoort.

This recovery emanated when the driver was doing paper work at the commercial area preparing to cross to Mozambique. While he was still busy, police received a signal from tracker regarding a hijacked truck. They responded promptly to the signal and spotted the truck at the commercial area.

A shot probe regarding the truck uncovered that it was the one reported as hijacked at Fochville in Gauteng Province. They then searched it and discovered that it was loaded with 81 live pigs worth R160 000.

The driver, a 33-year-old man, was arrested on the spot and he will be taken back to Fochville where he will account before the MagistratesÂ’ Court for truck-jacking and possession of stolen property.

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